Thursday, September 02, 2010

I am back! I am back!


Welcome back guys!

More than one year has gone by... I have changed a lot. As the turning point of life has come, I think of nothing I could do more to be heard but to come back here so that I can be heard.

Right now I am a senior at my language college. I am no more a top scorer, nor an outstanding one. However, that's life. Time moves and things change; people also change.

I wonder why sometimes when I thought of no one to share or talk to, I always have my blog here to share my hidden feelings. How about you? Who or where do you turn to when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere facing such a bad time?

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 2009!


"I Love You!" Teddy
Here are the tulips I have got to freshen up my room! They don't bloom yet! :D
Look nice??? hehe... I love these, but there are not so many choices here in Cambodia. The majority of tulips available here are imported from our neighboring countries--Thailand and Vietnam. The price is a bit high too. ^,^
Tulips I bought this V-day are yellow, only $15.00 for 5 tulips. :D

I am browsing for how to keep tulips, and I can see many cute ones! Gorgeous decoration with high price (some choices are up to more than 100 pounds--Fair flowers)

Anyway, do u guys celebrate Valentine's day? Experience traffic congestion which driving? All the streets nearby the Hot Spot are so jam!

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Economist Conference: Biz Roundtable with The Cambodian Gov't


According to the economic news from The Economist, there will be economist conference in Cambodia this February 16th at Angkor Palace resort and spa Hotel. It is a good chance if lots of people can join. Our Prime Minister Hun Sen will join the conference too.

Funny thing at first is that when I read through the page about this information, I was interested in that and wanna participate in that upcoming event too. Incredibly, when I go through the fee, it is 900$ for early birds who booked before January 9th, 1250$ as standard fee and 1000$ for corporate members! How can a college sophomore like me can join??? T,T

:( For more details: please go to:


P.S: I hope you guys are interested in this conference. ;) It is nice.

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Saturday, February 07, 2009

At last! I've got another book from J.K. Rowling to read!


Guess what! At last, on 2009 New Year's eve, I was going around and came across with this, "The Tales of Beedle The Bard" by J.K. Rowling. Just while I saw it, I grab it at once! Since I've finished Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows, I felt that I have no more to read as there is no book can hook me up. ^ , ^

At last, I can spare my time with this hery! Bed time story for wizarding kids. :D But muggle like me likes it alot! :D

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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Wing! : The 1st E-Wallet (mobile payment service) in SouthEast Asia!


At last! Cambodia now has Wing--Electronic Wallet that is launched by ANZ Banking Group that enable mobile payment service.

It is amazing, to me, that this is the First Electronic Wallet service provider in South-East Asia, and ANZ Banking group aimed to spread it to other countries in South-East Asia, too, even though mobile payment services have been used for years in Western areas and other countries in Asia such as Japan.

For more detail information please go to:

P.S: I wanna post the Wing logo here too but I couldn't find one. :D

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Durin' Chinese New Year...


Evening scene around Wat Phnom Resort
The smoke from incense burnt by hundreds(?) prayers

Crowds in the Children play ground

Yeay Penh Sacred place

On the 1st day of Chinese New Year, my family and I went to Wat Phnom and the public park around there to let my lil cousins play in the children's yard. There are lots and lots of people, especially those who look Chinese! hehe....
By the way, do you guys celebrate Chinese New Year? ( ^,^ )

P.S. Wat Phnom resort is considered the sacred place for its history. People believe in the spiritual power of Daun Penh (the woman who first found the name for Phnom Penh).

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hapi Chinese New Year with Kitty kittens! :)


Gong Xi Fa Cai!
All the best wishes to u all with many red packs! ahahha

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Welcome back with my new me! Kitty Fever!


Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year!

Months away,I do miss blogging everyday!
Now I've got time! Hahah! Exam preparation week is my free time to online?
YO! i hav changed alot eh! But still, I love pink! hhah! But now seems like I am a kitty fever! I seem to collect as many kitty stuffs as possible! however, only some are original product of Sanrio Co. ltd, many of mine are the copied ones. ehehhe!

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Water tidal day 2008


August 15 is water tidal day which is de traditional ceremony to any half-blood chinese. I went to study at college this mornin. Half of de class were absent. Maybe those who were absent have little bit chinese blood or have chinese ascendants. :-) me too! Comin back home from school, everything is already prepared. :) there r many dishes of food as usual. ;-) no grilled pig to pray 2 years already, last year n this year. There's only grilled duck again for 2008. However, as grilled pig is so so expensive in these day, there is still a piece of its body too. ;)

how about you? Does ya family celebrate water tidal day too?

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pinky Supernova!


:-( hic hic hic... Long time 'bin detaching from my blog! Now i come back but can't post new post with de pix i've just download cropped n prepare 2 attach within this post. Poor me! (T-T) I couldn't add pix at all as i'm now using my mobile. Here i just wanna share u de new Pinky Nokia 7310 Supernova! There r 2 authentic express covers along when u buy it. So cute! 1 is pink n another 1 is blue. I must have used de Pinky 1, right? :-) it's Symbian 40, 5th edition with wide screen compare to de 3rd edition S40.

To conclude, that Supernova is so cute with de pinky cover. I love it a lot! Feel so good with favorite color, but truly, it is really cute indeed!
How about u? Wanna hold a pinky Supernova too? Well, just see de image, not so interestin, but if u try it, touch de smooth buttons, smooth n clear wide screen, sweet pink cover, equipped wit Opera Mini, i guarantee u'd wanna own it 1 too! :-) u can check out what it looks like if u have not yet seen one! ;)

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Cutie Pinkie Flashie ( ^ , ^ )


Wow...! What such a cute tiny pinky flash! and it's 2 GB! Do you think it's cute? Love it much! :)

Well, I'm not into all pinky stuffs, but you see, all pink stuffs look so attractive and cute! It worths its look! ;D

What color would you prefer for your flash???

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Friday, May 23, 2008

The 3rd Internet party


CloggerCorner, 5th floor of Sovanna shopping Center, is now holding the 3rd Internet Party. There are around 20 exhibitors from 20 different IT-related-companies. All the new and long-time-bloggers in Cambodia. There is free internet access, which the service is sponsored by one of the famous ISPs in Cambodia, CITY LINK. Too bad I left my card reader at home, so I can't share you all the pictures I've taken from my camera memory card at all. Next time tov nor! :) Ok, seems like I've gotta end here cuz now the Blogger Meet Up and discussion time starts now heuy! Next time! ;D

Misssss my Blog so much eh!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Lonely Day


Sitting alone (in fact I am not) without my 3 best partners, I feel like I don’t belong to this class. I have no concentration to the lecturer at all. I wish this temporary lonesome fade away soon. I just don’t understand now that the feeling of being alone without the close ones accompany or talk to is a real desperation.

My used-to-be-talkative me now turn to a gentle speechless one. I just understand that it’s hard to find someone who have the same favorite topic and characteristics to talk to and it’s even harder to ignore the lonely feeling when I exist without them aside.

Now I am really and eagerly wishing that I were at somewhere quiet with a pinky laptop accessing to the cyber world. If it were true, at least, I have internet accompany me till the time I found someone to talk to again.

What a really bad luck today is that. I’ve left my other phone with credit charging at home, and I have only a dull phone with an empty account with me here. I can’t contact my perfect partners. Where on earth they are up to and why haven’t they here with me?

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Thursday, March 27, 2008



What such a cute pinky note book!!! I used to day dream of pinky laptop available after seeing it in a movie starred by Hilary Duff. After I've seen a scene of her lovely pinky laptop, i thought it would be great if there could be any laptop available in pink. And now there is!

Its shape fit with girls! So cool! Do you love it? I bet "yes" if you are female, but i guess some guys may wanna own one too eh??? ( ^ , ^)

See? Even the bag, the mouse and the mouse pad are all in cute light pink. cute! What a daydreaming thing!!!!
Look at the slim shape! Look at the love-touchig-keyboard! I really wish I could own one. Hahaha..... Whatever! I feel happy enough that I can daydreaming of it.

By the way, what do you think of this Vaio? cute or not? which color you would prefer best?

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Waiting for the new starts...


Just finish all exam at both schools, now breaking free to visit my own blog and too enjoy my time with cybersphere. haha... Have u missed my posts? haha... Now don't have much time at all lah. No more nice post as before.

I am eagerly waiting for my new term to start at IFL as I miss my good friends there so much. I miss my english class and activities. i miss Meatball with fried noodle... Haha... i often eat dat during the break time.

By the way, my new term will start next week on Monday 24. I'll be busy again. Love ter be busy better then just staying at home with lots n lots of chores.. hahaha..


P.S: oh i got two cute lighting Pooh and Piglet pen from a toy store to use for my new semester nor! so cute na! will let u see the pic of them later in next post. :D

Welcome back next post na! Stay tune eh! :D

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome back again! ( ^ , ^ ) Nhee!


I've been being busy (lazy???) to spare my time to give mt blog a new interesting post. Here I just wanna drop by cuz it seems like months I have left my blog dead.... :D

Well, nufin new about me, I am still DeeDee :) hehe... Still a funny, talkative one in class. Oh, btw, classes at college is just okay. I have been known to be a naughty, strict class monitor at my accounting school. My lecturers and staffs in the office has valued my class to be the best one in the 4th generation for having me as a good leader. Hehe.... ( ^ , ^ )

'Bout IFL, I am being known to be a talkative one in class. My poorest subject at IFL is Khmer and Regional History. Everyone says it is dam hard! U see? they use such word, so it means that it is really hard... I hate memorizing. I don't wanna memorize at all. :) Now my semester exam is coming up next week, from Monday to Friday. I am really scare that I won't be able to do well in Khmer and regional history and sociology in Khmer. Oh one more thing is Khmer Grammar! I never pay much attention during this session cuz it seems boring. However, surprisingly, I am always the top scorer in every Khmer grammar test. :) Not only that, almost in every subject, I've never tried hard, but my mark is never low, always in the top 5. Lucky me!
Seems like that's all for now. Gotta end here cuz it has been valued an uninteresting one. ( - , - )

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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year! :D welcome back DeeDee


YaHuuu…….! Welcome back after a long absent from the blogosphere with all of you, especially my precious visitors… I have been being very very busy with mid-terms and quizzes at both universities. Now I can be here to update my blog because I have to share the environment lesson—in slides show cuz the lecturer shared only to me and let me share the rest of the class. Otherwise, I would not have a chance to online te! ha ha ha!!!

Btw, Happy New Year ( ^ , ^ ) to all of you. Let me wish you a prosperous New Year and succeed in your New Year resolution! Cheers! I have 3 more assignment which due soon (next week)! and I haven’t typed yet! (cuz I am the one who cover technical task) :D

Being the class monitor, I am getting more and more well-known, cuz I am admired by the lecturer for being well-perform with the duties of being the leader in class. Oh forget to tell you, my class is known as the best class among the 4th generation (foundation year classes) at EFI. (They say that because they have me as the class leader) ;D hhheheeh.. seems like I’ve fulfill my duties well hery merl tov!

However, at IFL, I am also famous to students at the other classes as well cuz my friends have spread my fame to their friends in other classes of my friendliness, well performed, good at speaking(maybe talkative???), and everything positive! Oh also Barbie too! we are both the perfect partners at IFL! Everyone envies us so much! :D

Ok, seems like it’s gotta end here cuz I don’t think I have more stuffs to share and to praise myself! hahah…. However, it’s true! I am so happy recently, I gain weight(so I look much chubby and cuter now! ( ^ , ^ ) ) and I get a bit taller too!

See ya next post na! Cheers! and smile! keep in touch!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you know it???


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Cambodian Culture of Dancing Art


Khmer traditional Dancing Show at CJCC

There is a show on Khmer traditional Dancing and a famous ancient story – Ko Samot Teuk Dors, which perform by all Khmer students who are studying their bachelor degrees in Japanese at Japanese Department at IFL, RUPP. This show is created in the meaning of building a better friendship and cooperation between Cambodia and Japan as well as to share each other’s cultures. There are many Japanese and Cambodian audiences went to see that show.

The performance was so nice which make my eyes fixed on the stage every second. They have been training just only 6 months, yet their performance go so smooth and cool! The story was being narrated in Japanese, so the Khmer audiences need to see the scripts on the slide. However, it was amazing that those students (performers) could speak Japanese so well even some of them just begin studying Japanese only for about half a year! Everything was well done, especially the Apasara Dance!

It is worth spending 2hours in Sunday afternoon watching the great show. I am hoping to join another one next time if there is other performance there at CJCC.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fireworks and full moons! Cool view? Nice shots? ;D


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Cambodian Lighting Boats


Lighting boat of minitry and national defence
Lighting boat of Ministry of Justice

The last one, which is the new one for this year, is ASEAN lighting boat! Cool! Is it great?
Have you seen the real ones? I feel I am so lucky to get the shot of ASEAN lighting boat~! It worth a try to fight through the crowd of people in order to shot the cool pictures! hehe.. ( ^, ^ )

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Eye-catching Lighting Boats showed during H2O Festival :)


Royal Palace

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On the 2nd day of water festival, it's Full Moon and ...


We pray to the full moon! :) Did you do that too???
It was so windy that night, my lil cousin and me need to keep the candle lit!
There are 7 different kinds of fruits. This is a bunch of bananas! Yummy and vital for our health and brain!
This is OM BOK ( whether it is called oat???)
These are longan! It's so sweet and yummy!

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