Monday, November 28, 2005

Student And Internet In Phnom Penh


As all we know, Internet is a huge, worldwide network, and it is being used by people from almost every part of the world which includes Cambodian students too.

In Phnom Penh, Internet is very popular for academic students such as high school and university students. However, Internet can be very beneficial or useless depend on how the students process it. Now I am going to describe about “Student and Internet in Phnom Penh”, and how does it important or unimportant.

Internet is vital for students who use it in an appropriate way. Firstly, Internet provides all kind of stuffs that the students require. For example, when the students do assignment, their own ideas are not enough, so they usually search for more information or ideas on Internet. Further, they can do research for whatever they need to know which related to the subject that they learn by joining online-library and so on. Secondly, they can expand their general knowledge by Internet. In this way, students are able to go online by participating in chat programs like mIRC, Yahoo Messenger, etc… also, they can join the discuss forum to share their point of view about any topic they want to know. Consequently, the students’ awareness will be much better because they gain idea from their discuss partner or online friends. What is more, the student will know more about the whole and real society and the world. In addition, each student, like me, is able to build their own website, like this blog, to show whatever they want the blog visitors from the other part of the world to know. For instance, in reality, like me, I have my own blog; besides, I could share my ideas about everything in Cambodia, show my interest to the world. In sum, Internet is such crucial to the students in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

In contrast, Internet might be bad or useless for some students who use it in an improper way. As the matter of fact, some students use internet only for entertaining theirselves, but they are only online to chat in a useless way, not for improving theire knowledge. An example is that when they are too deep in playing Internet, they start to careless about their studies. Next, they may feel that being Chat--online, is happier than study; hence, they prefer going to the net shop rather than going to school; they don't pay mcuh attention to their learning and their studies fall to bad.On the other hand, a few percent of the students sometimes open the inappropriate websites which some include voilent images or videos as well as sexual pictures or actions, and other things that are considered against the norm and moral society. For this, we can realize that Internet is not good to the student at all.

All in all, we can see that even Internet has got a few bad points for the students, but it's still very important to them. Thus, we all must learn the right way to process Internet and should use it to get the advantages for ourselves, our society and especially for our country.

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