Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you know it???


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Cambodian Culture of Dancing Art


Khmer traditional Dancing Show at CJCC

There is a show on Khmer traditional Dancing and a famous ancient story – Ko Samot Teuk Dors, which perform by all Khmer students who are studying their bachelor degrees in Japanese at Japanese Department at IFL, RUPP. This show is created in the meaning of building a better friendship and cooperation between Cambodia and Japan as well as to share each other’s cultures. There are many Japanese and Cambodian audiences went to see that show.

The performance was so nice which make my eyes fixed on the stage every second. They have been training just only 6 months, yet their performance go so smooth and cool! The story was being narrated in Japanese, so the Khmer audiences need to see the scripts on the slide. However, it was amazing that those students (performers) could speak Japanese so well even some of them just begin studying Japanese only for about half a year! Everything was well done, especially the Apasara Dance!

It is worth spending 2hours in Sunday afternoon watching the great show. I am hoping to join another one next time if there is other performance there at CJCC.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fireworks and full moons! Cool view? Nice shots? ;D


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Cambodian Lighting Boats


Lighting boat of minitry and national defence
Lighting boat of Ministry of Justice

The last one, which is the new one for this year, is ASEAN lighting boat! Cool! Is it great?
Have you seen the real ones? I feel I am so lucky to get the shot of ASEAN lighting boat~! It worth a try to fight through the crowd of people in order to shot the cool pictures! hehe.. ( ^, ^ )

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Eye-catching Lighting Boats showed during H2O Festival :)


Royal Palace

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On the 2nd day of water festival, it's Full Moon and ...


We pray to the full moon! :) Did you do that too???
It was so windy that night, my lil cousin and me need to keep the candle lit!
There are 7 different kinds of fruits. This is a bunch of bananas! Yummy and vital for our health and brain!
This is OM BOK ( whether it is called oat???)
These are longan! It's so sweet and yummy!

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My university life! Check it out! ( ^, ^ )


My life with dual bachelor degrees at universities

Since my classes have started, I haven’t got much free time to read my favorite books much as well as to take some times to update my blog with valued articles.

Well, talking about life at IFL first. I am (I dare say!?!?!) the friendliest student in class!!! ( ^ , ^ ) I’ve made many new friends easily with my high sense of humor and smiles! J I am also valued to be one of the most active and bravest students during sessions. I can do well in every subject except history. I always fail to remember the chronology (years) and anthroponym (difficult names of kings…), everything always gotten confusingL. I know myself I can’t do well with subject that need memorizing. In contrast, I find myself good at those which need understanding, real concepts and real activities. ;D Anyway, I still think that university life is much happier and joyful than high school life cuz I can express my ideas, knowledge and talents which in high school I had no chance to do so.

My other class is accounting & finance class at EFI. Well,… the lectures are very good. The lecturers are quite experienced cuz he works and teaches the same skill. This is called “Theories go along with real practice.” The school rules are perfect! I like that. The students need to tuck in and where the student identity card while in IFL cannot control this issue like here at all. The management system there is quite great, but the only problem is about the students. Can you guess? What’s wrong with them? They are not any bad, but I just find their knowledge is too small to be in university! I really wonder! They earn very very little knowledge from high school! I really cannot describe. At first, they surprised me amazingly! Just a simple point, they do not know and said that they’ve never heard of that even that point is already learnt since grade 8 in high school! Not many freshmen in my class are qualified with high school knowledge. This makes me worry a lot about the future of Cambodia.

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During Water Festival 2007


The boat is going fast toward the finish line! :) Very rigorous participation! Well done! :)
Many people occupied in one Tuk-Tuk! So cramped!
4 People in one motocycle-taxi! ;0 They are on their way to the riverside to enjoy the boat racing! :D

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Water Festival 2007


Water Festival

Water festival is one of the national festival and holidays in Cambodia. It is celebrated in the mean to thanks to the Mekong River which provides water for the crop and to welcome new harvest season.

Today, 23rd November, is the first day of Water Festival. There are around 2000 competitors of 144 boats from all over Cambodia. From yesterday till this morning, there are thousands of people in the crowd in front of the Royal Palace along the river bank. More than 4 millions people from provinces also include the Phnom Penh residents are predicted to enjoy this festival. There are 10 different concerts places at the public parks from 10 TV stations to entertain the people so as to make the Water Festival this year the most joyful one.

A huge number of participants will be found in the evening as people like to go to see the fireworks. From my apartment balcony, I could see many people traveling east toward the river side. The sound of vehicles could be heard since dawn. However, the traffic will be closed around the area near the riverside from 3pm onward. During Water Festival every year, I don’t have any plan to go anywhere rather than enjoy seeing peoples and watching boat racing on TV. ( ^ , ^ )

On the second day of Water Festival, the moon is full. Everyone in my family stay up till mid night. We pray to the moon and grandma ORK OM BOK us. There is so much fun. J OM BOK ( kinda oat??!!?), banana and many more different fruits filled up my mouth, and then grandma asks me what I wish for this year. As my mouth is full up, it’s hard to talk. It was funny! Have you ever done this??? Must be “Yes”, right? Hehehe….

On the other hand, there is one important thing to consider. The municipal department is worried about the rubbish problem after the three-day-festival. Every year, like last year, after the festival, the grassy parks which normally full of fresh green grass and cleaned turned to dead and yellow and full of rubbish! Just as what I’ve posted in my blog last year, the high school students including me joint the social activities of protecting the environment clean by going to help the Cintry group (Public Rubbish Gathering Group) pick up all those rubbish. I am not sure how the process is going for this year yet at all as there are around 20 NGOs stalls at the parks cover different topics such as Smoking is harmful, educate about AIDS, etc… to share ( in a way of education) to those people.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Shots from Kompot....


Long time I've left my blog dead, now welcome back with some natural landscape from DeeDee :)
I feel good with the natural view
This is the part of the sea in Kompot (Salt-water-river)
Right there far away is Bokor Mountain...

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Problem again.....


Again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...... I come to update my blog with new posts and some views during my trip to Kathen on 29th of Oct. Now there are some problem again which i cannot upload images to my post. Time doesn't pity me at all.... Hic Hic Hic.... :(

However, I don't give up. I'll come again and share you all some nice shots. Hehehe... :)

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sociology is a hard subject for me... :(


My class at IFL has just stared only for 2 weeks and there will be assignment for me next week... I find myself not so good at sociology. Read the text book many times, after I've gone through few pages, i understand nothing.... :D
Doing some research about sociology to improve.....:)

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Late post about Phcum Ben ( ^ , ^ )


The monks are waiting to have lunch at lunch building
People are transferring food to the pagoda's stuffs for the monks
After finishing all duties, my family and I went to my grandpa's stuppa to clean it and refill the water in the small well (?) in there. See? Niza, my little cousin, is helping my grandma.
Morning at Chumpouwann pagoda!

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Ironing my university uniform for my 1st day at university


One day before my school starts, even I've been sick and got "Kos Kjorl" ;D, I still put all my strenght to iron my 1st university uniform on my PINK iron table with my PINK dolphin-shaped-iron. See? Hehe...
My university shirt (does it look gentle???)
I ion my new skirt (in fact, it is just the same style with my high school skirt, but I need some new ones as I got thinner! :P ) with my other iron for skirt.
Well, let's map up my clothes. It is so gentle and cute. I look, err...., more mature in this university suit. heheh.....

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My university life has started...


Today is weekend, after I finish my homework, I prepared something to update my blog, but unlucky today the uploading server of is down so that I couldn't post what I wanted to post. I am so regretful today....

I've been sick for a week. Serious sorethroat that I almost couldn't speak a word, terrible headaches came up again, also caught a cold, fever, cough..... everything...

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tasting The Newly-opened Ice-Cream shop, Swensens!


Vanilla Sundae
Chololate balls!
Stylish decorated Lights of Swensens really caught customers
The Swensens Glass! Cute one!
Here there is a picture of Sweet Princess. Can you guess which picture it is??? Hehe... Next time when I go, I'll try the Sweet Princess and my cousin said he will try the Little Prince! :D
You know, the Swensense Ice cream shop has just opened in Cambodia in Shopping Centre Sorya near Central market. You know, there are lines of people everyday, every hour! The place is small and there are too many people wanna taste the nice looking ice-cream. People have to wait for seats if they are patient. Well, try it! :)

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From a high school girl to a university student...


From a high school girl to a university student…

After I have passed the high school leaving examination since August, now my life as a high school girl has changed to be a university student instead. Well, I got grade “C” with a total score of 99.469/100 which is nearly “B”. People who got 99.479 were graded “B”… Well, let me tell you my specific grade for all 10 subjects during my exam. I got 2 “D”s in Khmer Literatures and Math, 2 “A”s in Physics and Social Studies, 3 “B”s in Chemistry, Biology and history, and 2 “C”s in Earth Science and English subject.

You know, this year the graded score format is different from the previous year. Last year, they set that 99.5## up was “A”, from 99.5## down to 98.### was “B” and “C” was from 97.### down to 93 or 92, whereas this year there are only the top 2 students are graded with “A”. One top boy got more than 100 and another girl who is my friend, she also got “A” with the total average score is 99.999. From 99.998 down to 99.479 is “B”. See! It is such a short space of “B”. Me, is the top “C”, from 99.469 down to around maybe 92.###. There is still “D” which I am not sure if it is from some kind of 89 down to somewhere. I am not dare to give more unreliable information about the grade score cuz I don’t know for sure as well.

After finishing high school, it is normal now that the students are preparing for university. For me, I have passed the scholarship entrance exam at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Royal University of Phnom Penh in Department of English. I’ll take Bachelor of Education in English there. The class will start on 16th October. I also applied to another faculty in Accounting and Finance at Economic and Finance Institute (EFI). I do dual bachelor degrees. Well, I have merely reached the exit of a first step tunnel and will fight through another dark tunnel of university life soon next month. ( ^ , ^ ) Guess what, I am expecting and imagining how I would posses my life as a university girl. Hehehe… Will it be a tough and enjoyable one??? J However, I commit to try my best to do well! I need to grab goodies to my life. I am trying my best in seeking and behaving for the 3 success of life, (Academic, Social, Family) success.

How about you? Any comment for the university life or not? What do you think whether it is worth trying best to get the best evaluation in university or in society?

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