Monday, July 02, 2007

Dengue Fever....


Dengue Fever is striking noticeably…

According to the everyday news and what I have seen currently, “ Dengue Fever ” is now striking the life of human, in Cambodia as well as other developing countries such as Vietnam, not only the little kids but the grown-up people as well. Further, it is even more dangerous if the grown-up people get it.

On Saturday 30, June, there was a meet up with someone from some kind of health institution who came to urge and tell people in my community about the danger of Dengue Fever which cause by a kind of mosquito (Tiger mosquito??? hehe…) and how to protect ourselves from that. In addition, the community agents visited each house, gave the ALBET —a kind of powder substance that usually use by putting into the water (Bath tube …) to prevent water from being the settlement for the mosquito.

On the same day, there were 2 cars, the one, which leaded the way, with a big statue of Giant Black-and-white leg mosquito on the roof of the car. Inside that car, there was a man speak out to the public by loudspeaker about the Dengue Fever, how harmful it is, and the way to prevent it, to awake our consciousness, to make us beware and get ready to fight with it. Another following car, with a big mosquito repellent tube, sprayed out the ALET water spray as it moved forward along the street.

The people in my community seem to be very happy receiving attention and care by these activities.

Know, in fact, recently there were no more place for the Dengue Fever patients to stay in Takeo and Vietnamese hospital. So!? Take good care of yourself and your beloved family members na! Don’t forget to use insect repellent lotion or spray na! Be well and safe!!!

Kindness from Dee ( ^,^ )

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