Saturday, December 01, 2007

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Cambodian Culture of Dancing Art


Khmer traditional Dancing Show at CJCC

There is a show on Khmer traditional Dancing and a famous ancient story – Ko Samot Teuk Dors, which perform by all Khmer students who are studying their bachelor degrees in Japanese at Japanese Department at IFL, RUPP. This show is created in the meaning of building a better friendship and cooperation between Cambodia and Japan as well as to share each other’s cultures. There are many Japanese and Cambodian audiences went to see that show.

The performance was so nice which make my eyes fixed on the stage every second. They have been training just only 6 months, yet their performance go so smooth and cool! The story was being narrated in Japanese, so the Khmer audiences need to see the scripts on the slide. However, it was amazing that those students (performers) could speak Japanese so well even some of them just begin studying Japanese only for about half a year! Everything was well done, especially the Apasara Dance!

It is worth spending 2hours in Sunday afternoon watching the great show. I am hoping to join another one next time if there is other performance there at CJCC.

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