Saturday, December 01, 2007

Do you know it???



Barbie said...

I missed the show, pumpkin! Hoping to see this wonderful performance soon. (^,^)


Sayon said...

oh it's great to see this pics.
Miss Home nasssss

Anonymous said...

Vicheth: Hey, doub le D. NIce updates this time, huh? Glad to see the lanterns and all those full moon celebration stuffs. It reminds me of all the good times I had when i were in Cambodia. Hik hik hik. Anyway, the apsara dancing article is very imformative and well written. It's really cool u share that with us. Oh, one last thing, good that u enjoy ur college life. I hv no doubt that u're gonna be the brightest one in ur class. By da way, just ignore those dumbos who don't hv a clue of wot's going in their classes, hehehe. Just be nice to them ( I know u always are). Peace!

Anonymous said...

Vicheth: So, wot's ur plan for christmas? Any plan yet so far?

DeeDee said...

@ Barbie: oh poor banana! :) don worry! there'll be next time na dear!

@ Sayon: oh thx! btw, don worry, sure u'll be back home hery na!

@ Cheth: oh thsnk! btw, nice update this time? WHAT about the last ones? bad? OMG! OH cheth, do u know this info from our frns already? Voleak is getting married this wed on 12th hery na! our frns will attend her wedding too. i'll share u some pics later after the wedding.

Oh christmas? dunno yet! :) but i'll post in my blog after that day.

Anonymous said...

I do know about Voleak's wedding. Well, probably even before some of guys did teat noh. Remember I hv spies all over the place, lolz. Hv fun @ da wedding. I'm so sorry I can't attend her wedding. Well, come to think about that, she probably wouldn't even invite me to her wedding pong meul tov even if i were there. Anyway, about ur updates, all of 'em r nice. It's just that this is the nicest (yet)of all. Last, I can't wait to see ur pics at Mrs. Voleak's wedding (hehehe) and those from x'mas. Take care, and good luck. Peace!

Anonymous said...

anonymous at 1.32pm was me, Vicheth. Sorry I didn't put my name on. My bad. Peace again, y'all.

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Nhuong Son said...

wow, looks like a great show. Wish i could have seen it, but I don't even live in Cambodia!

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