Wednesday, June 27, 2007



Traffic! Traffic accident! Ambulance! Traffic Police! Hospital! Over speeding! Crashing! Blood! What are these?

Recently, since the end of 2006, I find the traffic in Phnom Penh is becoming messier and messier! Everyday as I listen to the read-out-news from newspaper on radio, I always hear the news about traffic accidents! Whenever I am on the way to school with my 50cc-Super Cup, all my spirits gather up at my eyes, my head, my arms and hand, my leg and feet! My soul is round up with careful concentration. My velocity is 25m/hr constant as shown in the canter! I am really scared of fast speeding, being in de middle of the street, speedup while the traffic lights are yellow or just few seconds left of green. I often see the accidents cause by motorbike Vs motorbike, car Vs motorbike…. Etc. I hear the sound of ambulance; see liters of fresh red blood on the road, the shouting of each vehicle controllers… I am afraid of being on the way… if I have another choice, I’d choose to walk on the side walk! Being a passenger! I always wonder why the others meet such accident. Only if all vehicle controllers learnt and just respect the traffic law, there won’t be a mess in the traffic and traffic jam anymore! There won’t be accident! The passengers’ transportations will be safe! The city’s traffic will be peace!

Everybody knows these! But let me just write out about some possible cause of road accident because of not respecting the traffic laws.

- over speeding (Especially while the street is cramped)
- No full concentration and attention while controlling vehicle (Talking on the phone
- Drunk driver
- Do not having skill in controlling the vehicle, esp. too youngsters
- Win-win thought while driving or riding
- ………………………………………..

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

I left my blog dead.... Welcome back!


Hello there everyone! Welcome back! sorry i've been away for the cyberspace again as I've been being so busy with my school works and other stuffs. Now i am back with some more posts about Ratanakiri which is suggested by many commentors in my blog. Here you go. =)

Leaving my blog dead from quite some long time, hope to regain back soon lah! I am preparing some articles soon. Sorry for that. please welcome me back then! :D

Thanks and best regards,


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Taste the Highlander's wine


Everyone is about to taste the highlanders' wine.

The view of Yaek Loam Lake which is a famous lake in Ratanakiri, 800meters diameter and 50 meters deep to the bottom of the lake. The water is pure green and clean. The forests with beautiful trees surrounded the lakes. It is somewhere unforgettable and worth the visit.

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La'ak Primary school in Ratanakiri


La'ak Primary school, a 5-room-building with only 3 room occupied. Each 3 room are for the 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd in order. The age of the students in every grade mixed up. The 15 year-old student in the 1st grade is a simple thing. There are around 60 students in this school. The villager there are all Kreng nation. only some of them can understand our simple Khmer language. Their daily dish for the 3 meals is Kdev leave (a kinda simple tasteless small green leaves) with salt and rice, nothing more! What so miserable! Sometimes they lack water to drink as the land is so dry, only 1 well in a village which is so deep in the forest high up in the mountain that not many people reach.

Even the village school located in such isolated area in the province, but there still be the Cambodian flag raises high up in front of the school which is a sign to let everyone know that here is khmer land.

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Wonderful views in Ratanakiri province!


Here is the view of Beoung Kanseong (a name of a big lake in Ratanakiri). The water is purely clean. The view is really great! The evening breeze blows away all the sorrows and pain. cool place to visit!

This is the ever-green land of rubber plantation in Ratanakiri province. The place is quite refreshing and cool. No sun light can goes into the grass at all. full shade!

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Kachanh Waterfall in Ratanakiri


These are some pictures i've captured when visiting such amazing Kachanh waterfall in Ratanakiri province. It is some 30 meters high with natural green view of giant trees deep in the forest-mountain.

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