Sunday, June 03, 2007

I left my blog dead.... Welcome back!


Hello there everyone! Welcome back! sorry i've been away for the cyberspace again as I've been being so busy with my school works and other stuffs. Now i am back with some more posts about Ratanakiri which is suggested by many commentors in my blog. Here you go. =)

Leaving my blog dead from quite some long time, hope to regain back soon lah! I am preparing some articles soon. Sorry for that. please welcome me back then! :D

Thanks and best regards,



timboeun said...

ឺWelcome back.

Sushi said...

I want some wine too. What's the legal drinking age in Cambodia?

vutha said...

Hey, welcome you come back to update your fresh content.

DeeDee said...

>>timboeun: Thanks! yeah, welcome back! :)

>>Sushi: well, sure u can taste. Drinking age? well, i think if it's just a friendly frnship taste, it's ok. in fact, i can everyone there encouraged me to tasted it even i'm not yet 18! :D

>>Vutha: yeah, fresh content with frest view? heheh!

dara said...

Welcome back!

Hope that I can update my blog soon.



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