Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome back again! ( ^ , ^ ) Nhee!


I've been being busy (lazy???) to spare my time to give mt blog a new interesting post. Here I just wanna drop by cuz it seems like months I have left my blog dead.... :D

Well, nufin new about me, I am still DeeDee :) hehe... Still a funny, talkative one in class. Oh, btw, classes at college is just okay. I have been known to be a naughty, strict class monitor at my accounting school. My lecturers and staffs in the office has valued my class to be the best one in the 4th generation for having me as a good leader. Hehe.... ( ^ , ^ )

'Bout IFL, I am being known to be a talkative one in class. My poorest subject at IFL is Khmer and Regional History. Everyone says it is dam hard! U see? they use such word, so it means that it is really hard... I hate memorizing. I don't wanna memorize at all. :) Now my semester exam is coming up next week, from Monday to Friday. I am really scare that I won't be able to do well in Khmer and regional history and sociology in Khmer. Oh one more thing is Khmer Grammar! I never pay much attention during this session cuz it seems boring. However, surprisingly, I am always the top scorer in every Khmer grammar test. :) Not only that, almost in every subject, I've never tried hard, but my mark is never low, always in the top 5. Lucky me!
Seems like that's all for now. Gotta end here cuz it has been valued an uninteresting one. ( - , - )

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