Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sociology is a hard subject for me... :(


My class at IFL has just stared only for 2 weeks and there will be assignment for me next week... I find myself not so good at sociology. Read the text book many times, after I've gone through few pages, i understand nothing.... :D
Doing some research about sociology to improve.....:)

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Late post about Phcum Ben ( ^ , ^ )


The monks are waiting to have lunch at lunch building
People are transferring food to the pagoda's stuffs for the monks
After finishing all duties, my family and I went to my grandpa's stuppa to clean it and refill the water in the small well (?) in there. See? Niza, my little cousin, is helping my grandma.
Morning at Chumpouwann pagoda!

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Ironing my university uniform for my 1st day at university


One day before my school starts, even I've been sick and got "Kos Kjorl" ;D, I still put all my strenght to iron my 1st university uniform on my PINK iron table with my PINK dolphin-shaped-iron. See? Hehe...
My university shirt (does it look gentle???)
I ion my new skirt (in fact, it is just the same style with my high school skirt, but I need some new ones as I got thinner! :P ) with my other iron for skirt.
Well, let's map up my clothes. It is so gentle and cute. I look, err...., more mature in this university suit. heheh.....

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

My university life has started...


Today is weekend, after I finish my homework, I prepared something to update my blog, but unlucky today the uploading server of is down so that I couldn't post what I wanted to post. I am so regretful today....

I've been sick for a week. Serious sorethroat that I almost couldn't speak a word, terrible headaches came up again, also caught a cold, fever, cough..... everything...

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Me, Myself and I

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