Monday, March 26, 2007

The Newly-built traditional Nega Bridge


This is the newly-built Nega Bride along Norodom Blvd near Wat Phnom. Every evening i always go to the park nearby as it is next to my house. Every night around 7 PM, the light are being turning up to let the passengers and pedestrains see the beauty of the traditional Nega and Lion Bridge! Cool night scene in Phnom Penh! Come along to see the real thing! :)

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Cloggers = Cambodian + Bloggers!!!! On newspager!


On The Page, front page of The Cambodia Weekly, 25 March, 2007, No. 09, there is an article about Cloggers. I've been informed to get it by Chantra this mornin, then i went go buy it immediately!

The Big Title says "Cloggers! The story of how a small group of friends are revolutionizing blogging and networking in the Cambodian corners of cyberspace and beyond." Cool! There are also 4 screenshots of some blogs. Mine is also on the page too! :D If there is no availablity of the newspaper at your place, you can go to: for more detail information or get the newspaper directly! HEHEHE!

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Friday, March 16, 2007

English Language Competition


See what? I've been awarded for being the 8th among the Top 16 highschool students in Phnom Penh of the Year, 2007! There were around 1000 candidates took part but in the final stages, only best last 16 students selected to be the winners. I am one among them. I've been awarded some prize, even not much or something, I am really happy. So do my parents and friends.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

PIT Workshop at AEU


On Monday, 5th March, the 10th Personal Information Technology Workshop held at Asia Europe University. There was around 350 people partcipated. The workshop yesterday was found successful. The participants seems very interested in the topic we talked about so much. Hope to see more and more bloggers from Cambodia soon after the workshops.

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Me, Myself and I

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