Friday, August 15, 2008

Water tidal day 2008


August 15 is water tidal day which is de traditional ceremony to any half-blood chinese. I went to study at college this mornin. Half of de class were absent. Maybe those who were absent have little bit chinese blood or have chinese ascendants. :-) me too! Comin back home from school, everything is already prepared. :) there r many dishes of food as usual. ;-) no grilled pig to pray 2 years already, last year n this year. There's only grilled duck again for 2008. However, as grilled pig is so so expensive in these day, there is still a piece of its body too. ;)

how about you? Does ya family celebrate water tidal day too?

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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Pinky Supernova!


:-( hic hic hic... Long time 'bin detaching from my blog! Now i come back but can't post new post with de pix i've just download cropped n prepare 2 attach within this post. Poor me! (T-T) I couldn't add pix at all as i'm now using my mobile. Here i just wanna share u de new Pinky Nokia 7310 Supernova! There r 2 authentic express covers along when u buy it. So cute! 1 is pink n another 1 is blue. I must have used de Pinky 1, right? :-) it's Symbian 40, 5th edition with wide screen compare to de 3rd edition S40.

To conclude, that Supernova is so cute with de pinky cover. I love it a lot! Feel so good with favorite color, but truly, it is really cute indeed!
How about u? Wanna hold a pinky Supernova too? Well, just see de image, not so interestin, but if u try it, touch de smooth buttons, smooth n clear wide screen, sweet pink cover, equipped wit Opera Mini, i guarantee u'd wanna own it 1 too! :-) u can check out what it looks like if u have not yet seen one! ;)

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