Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Big Workshop at PUC


This is a great day of our life history, probably. We gave apresentation to more than 400 students and academic staff at PUC andAlso in English and Chantra also made some funnies about his secondlanguage. It is a great success. Sadly for Viirak, if he were here, the workshop would be more joyful!

Participants: more than 400
PUC: provides great hospitality and facility for the event.
City Link: we received City Link's material support. The lab may not have work that well if it did not increase speed. This is about thecourtesy for city link, anyway.
Dean and academic staff of PUC also attend
Hand outs and other supportive doc such as list of useful websites and jinja's ten tips to blogging were also given out.

There are also media people attended the event.We need more people to help in computer lab

Next workshop is at NTU Sept 16 morning. But too bad i can't join cuz that day i need to do my IELTS exam! I really dont wanna be absent but it's very vital!

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Some memorial photos from de fist workshop at IU


During the workshop

Bro. viirak was speaking about Social networking!

Mr. chantra, de funniest speaker of all!

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Cutie Lovely Kitten!


Hi everyone! Look how cute this lil kitty is! Inn' she that cute? She's gorgeous! See? I wish i had her as my pet! i love her much!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Phrase Collections


- It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop...
- No party that never end...
- Life is full of meeting and partying...
-Try to work everything out base on your own best and that will be beneficial...

To be continued... (gonna go to class now.. (*,*)

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Internet Experience Sharing Workshop


Yesterday, Monday 21st, I went to do the workshop, Personal Information Technology Workshop, at International University (Phnom Penh Thmey Campus) with our Khmer Blogger friends. Our friends volunteer to do this project as to share some knowlegde and experience in using the Internet, especially about Web blog or Blog.

There are four members in the group. Mr. Lux, Mr. Virak, Mr. Chantra, Miss. Keo Kalyan(She's Kalyan Big Big, just we have exactly the same surname and given name!) , and Me(Keo Kalyan Toch), Khmer Cyberkid!

Moreover,we are planning to do this workshop in PUC (Panhsastra University of Cambodia) in this 30th of August. However, one member is going to be absent. He is Viirak because he is leaving to Malaysia today to do some work and expand the knowledge about Blog with the other bloggers in Malaysia. (Blogger meet-up)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The most poisonous creature on earth!


Have you any idea or guessing of that animal? If you have already known, this topic isn’t that surprising, but if you’ve no clues, it’s unbelievable.

As I have watched Discovery Channel last two months on “The Most Extreme”, the researchers numbered the top 10 poisonous animal in our planet. (I dare write OUR cuz I think there wouldn’t be any ALIEN is ready my post ;P) I can’t remember all that 9 but number 1 is always recorded in my memory. It is Golden Dart Frog, the most dangerous and poisonous animal on earth! How amazing! A little creature but is able to kill 10 humans in just seconds by just aiming and shooting out the poison gel from the eyes! I myself couldn’t believe such this incredible discovery at all!

(*-*) How about your opinion? Any comment for this post???

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Being a valuable citizen…


Each Khmer citizen is a cell of Cambodia. A nation could exist forever and develop depends on good and strong countrymen. By the way, does each of us act as a useful citizen yet? What are the functions and duties of all worth citizen need to complete for our Cambodia?

For me, I am just a minor teen; therefore, I couldn’t do all duties that a good citizen should do at all. Moreover, I am not able to claim for things which I think ought to be done or happened out in a particular way at all. As I experienced, I learnt that things don’t go my way, so face it, solve it and thanks it. I am just a young simple citizen; even so, I still just do what are possible for a youngster like me could do such as:

- Trying to obtain as much knowledge as my brain can absorb
- Knowing what is right and what is wrong
- Respect the country’s laws
- Being a good student at school (Good student doesn’t mean that always get top scores through cheating during exams and get 1st rank ;D )
- Being an adorable daughter for my parents
- Being a KALYANAMITH (Perfect friend)
- Especially, being a genius cyber kid in the cyber world eh ;P

However, I am not independent enough to join some activities in the community and society. For example, KOMABAITONG’s charity group. (I still live under my parents’ control, I pay their money $$$$, all I can do is try not to spend them carelessly ;) )

One more thing which often comes up to my mind when I am thinking during my freetime is what are the rest doing in the name of Khemarak Both (Cambodian citizens)? Can you share me your activities and comments? I wonder what have you the reader and other youth been up to! (oh! I forget! Mr. pr has been sharing his ideas on this topic as well which he posted in his blog)

P.S: Thanks so much (in advance) for sharing with me via “Comments”

*Hey! Somebody tells me what is the full form of P.S pls……???

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The amazing numbers!


Hio! Aloha visitors! As I've posted about my oldy great-grandpapa laptop is being attacked by updated virus all the time. Now I've copied and installed Doctor Web to scan the viruses in his body.

U know? the results was so astonishing! Virus recorded: 133,886 viruses found in my poor laptop! But Dr. Web could kill only 256 of them. Now he's running faster! But nothing better! ;(

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What a Sweat Night!!!


One cold downpour sunday night around 10:30 pm, the light in my room was still turning on while as I am looking down outside my window, I could see my parents room's lights had turned off. The house was deserted in black dark look. I was too sleepy now, so I went to bed. I couldn'g sleep due to the sound of rainfalls ourside. The splash of zigzag lightening could be seen through my windows.

The clock striked 11pm, I was still awake. When it was about a quarter to midnight, my picture sticked to the wall fell down to the floor. At the same time, I think I did hear the sound of my parents room door opened, but i couldn't hear any move or footsteps. Just seconds after that sound, my room door burst opend! I asked, " Is there something wrong, mum?" (Ma' ak mean ka ey ma' ak?) But there wasn't any reply. Then, my eyes widely opened, I got out of my mattress and walk to the door to see who was there. BUT when I arrived at the door, everything was darkly clear and silent! Nobody was there. Suddent the hair on the back of my neck prickled, my hand and feet began to be cold as ice, and I could feel my body shivered. I was stunned and didn't know what to do. Fortunately, I was lucky cuz that night my grandma came to share a room with me, so I waked her up and tell her what had just happened. She said nothing but just told me to go back to sleep. As it was about midnight and I never stayed up so late like this, I fell asleep...

I was so so wonder because I myself have closed the door firmly and knew it is well shut! But why??? In the mornin', I got up and told my parents about the story. They said maybe there were some errors with the doorknob or something like I might not closed it well! What do you think? Can u tell me how can my room door burst open and stay ajar if no one open it???

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Friday, August 11, 2006

Selected article About Cheating


Students: Exam Answers Widely Available

Students said more answer sheets were widely available on the eve of the final day of the 12th grade exams in Phnom Penh Wednesday, and even a Ministry of Education official overseeing the tests conceded that his own son had gotten his hands on an answer sheet.

Large clusters of high school students could be seen queuing up outside photocopying shops in Phnom Penh Tuesday evening to reproduce leaked question and answer sheets before the next day’s exams.

The Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association urged the ministry not to recognize the exam results for geography on Wednesday and for the Khmer-language composition exam on Monday were widely available to students.

“The MOEYS must not recognize the examination result since two subjects were leaked, “ CITA President Rong Chhun said. "The ministry must reorganise the examinations."
Rong Chhun accused Ministry of Education officials of leaking the answer sheets. "Those officials sold the questions. The ministry should question the examination's committee," he said.
Soy Yen, who oversaw the three-day, multi-disipline exams sat by more than 50,000 students across Cambodia, said he had not witnessed any cheating.
He added that unscrupulous businessmen had sold cheat sheets to students, but said they did'not contain information that appeared in the exams.
"The environment is better than last year," he said, adding that it can be tough for proctors to detect cheating. "[Students] say quiet when we watch them, " he said.
Soy Yen said this son bought answer sheets in advance of the exams, but siad they did not correspond with the questions that came up/
"I didn't encourage him to buy de answer sheets but he told me de answer sheets were not correct," Soy Yen said.
It was difficult for students to bring their answer sheets into the classrooms as there were guards stationed outside the schools, he added.
One proctor at Hun Sen Bun Rany Wat Phnom Primary School, which hosted some of the exams, said he made $25 from students who paid him to ignore cheating.
He added that he feared that if he did not accept the bribes, the students would physically assult him after the tests. " I was afraid for my own security, " he claimed.
He also said that if his students had been unable to cheat, their prospect in the test would hav been bleak.
"If they don't look at the answer sheets, they will fail 100-percent," he said.
What do u think? Any comments on this topic?

Ref: Whole copy from Cambodia Daily, Tuesday, August 10, 2006

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Monday, August 07, 2006

At last, I got a real touchable book!


As I have posted in the last few previous posts, I have mention about The E-Book of The Da Vinci Code that I am about to print out and piled up a book. However, I have been help by a charitable person who checked out my blog and lend me that book by Dan Brown. What a dream! Now I don't need to spend $$$$ on printing out at all! Thanks Buddha! ;D

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