Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The amazing numbers!


Hio! Aloha visitors! As I've posted about my oldy great-grandpapa laptop is being attacked by updated virus all the time. Now I've copied and installed Doctor Web to scan the viruses in his body.

U know? the results was so astonishing! Virus recorded: 133,886 viruses found in my poor laptop! But Dr. Web could kill only 256 of them. Now he's running faster! But nothing better! ;(


Hollyplanet said...

When it die, don't forget to celebrate for him and invite other yr grandpa's relatives also. You know he works so hard every day for u, even he is now infected by virus, He is so poor Nos.

deedee said...

yep! i'll celebrate a worthful funeral for him when he passes away! but he is so stiff! even his diseases are so serious, he still could fight against them! I wonder why wouldnt he dies soon as i'll get a new handsome one? ;D

dara said...

poor laptop, If he know that you wish him to die I think he will be sad. lolz.
well, laptop has a short lifetime than a desktop one. take mine as example. Now it is his forth year with me and he works badly ....

deedee said...

for me, it's his 5ht yr hery! ok wish ya laptop wil be luckier than mine! ;(

weera said...

hi deedee,

my think :
1. Doctor Web to scan the viruses that ur daowloadl from internet is not full program .!.

2. u know, why Dr.web is not kill the all viruss? -> because is not full program *_^ they give u doawloadl free ...but they want sell that full program to u (Ouy bre mon hery cham lork pel kroy) -> this is the tichniqe of them -> ..when u online the internet they (Dr.web)are send the viruses to u 1-5 viruses every day ...why they did that ? they want give u buy full program for kill all viruses ..(yeas,u can buy that full program by credit card..)

3.the full program must be have Keyen or crak or register.. come with the program...

for ur laptop i think u shoudl remove that program out ur comp..and use the full program for scan viruses ->> Noton antiviruses or symantec antivirus ect..

after setup the full program u shoudl UPDATE that program too (1 tov 2 week update ouy doung.! tep ot mean panhaa lols ^_^ update pel yeng online)

link to infor..

lucky to u (^v^)

deedee said...

weera: wow.. good at typing English in khmer words lolzz... ~-^

anyway, thanks for ya suggestions la.. I'll try to do it after finish my IELTS exam.. Now i am striking hard to practise de test. Gotta be comin' soon.



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