Thursday, September 27, 2007

Tasting The Newly-opened Ice-Cream shop, Swensens!


Vanilla Sundae
Chololate balls!
Stylish decorated Lights of Swensens really caught customers
The Swensens Glass! Cute one!
Here there is a picture of Sweet Princess. Can you guess which picture it is??? Hehe... Next time when I go, I'll try the Sweet Princess and my cousin said he will try the Little Prince! :D
You know, the Swensense Ice cream shop has just opened in Cambodia in Shopping Centre Sorya near Central market. You know, there are lines of people everyday, every hour! The place is small and there are too many people wanna taste the nice looking ice-cream. People have to wait for seats if they are patient. Well, try it! :)

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From a high school girl to a university student...


From a high school girl to a university student…

After I have passed the high school leaving examination since August, now my life as a high school girl has changed to be a university student instead. Well, I got grade “C” with a total score of 99.469/100 which is nearly “B”. People who got 99.479 were graded “B”… Well, let me tell you my specific grade for all 10 subjects during my exam. I got 2 “D”s in Khmer Literatures and Math, 2 “A”s in Physics and Social Studies, 3 “B”s in Chemistry, Biology and history, and 2 “C”s in Earth Science and English subject.

You know, this year the graded score format is different from the previous year. Last year, they set that 99.5## up was “A”, from 99.5## down to 98.### was “B” and “C” was from 97.### down to 93 or 92, whereas this year there are only the top 2 students are graded with “A”. One top boy got more than 100 and another girl who is my friend, she also got “A” with the total average score is 99.999. From 99.998 down to 99.479 is “B”. See! It is such a short space of “B”. Me, is the top “C”, from 99.469 down to around maybe 92.###. There is still “D” which I am not sure if it is from some kind of 89 down to somewhere. I am not dare to give more unreliable information about the grade score cuz I don’t know for sure as well.

After finishing high school, it is normal now that the students are preparing for university. For me, I have passed the scholarship entrance exam at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Royal University of Phnom Penh in Department of English. I’ll take Bachelor of Education in English there. The class will start on 16th October. I also applied to another faculty in Accounting and Finance at Economic and Finance Institute (EFI). I do dual bachelor degrees. Well, I have merely reached the exit of a first step tunnel and will fight through another dark tunnel of university life soon next month. ( ^ , ^ ) Guess what, I am expecting and imagining how I would posses my life as a university girl. Hehehe… Will it be a tough and enjoyable one??? J However, I commit to try my best to do well! I need to grab goodies to my life. I am trying my best in seeking and behaving for the 3 success of life, (Academic, Social, Family) success.

How about you? Any comment for the university life or not? What do you think whether it is worth trying best to get the best evaluation in university or in society?

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Monday, September 17, 2007

More pinky stuffs....


This is pinky bulbs! Well hey, don't confuse, this is not in a bar la! :D just to decor with sweet scene...
Here is pinky christmas bells mum got me.
Well, my warm-keeper pinky princess blanket! What's your fave cartoon???
Aha! Pinky flipflop! "Walks Lady",,, Oooh! Lady? Oh I am still a girl la!
Pinky teddy home and pinky lil pearly piggy... I love it so much... Want it or not???

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My Pinky Stuffs Collection


This is my pinky stuffs collection! Feel so peace and loveable!:D

Well, you don't need to see my picture. This lovely teddy, she looks just like me when I was a kid! Hehehe...
This is also my loveliest phone-decor teddy. Don't wanna leave hold of it.
This is my new pinky shool bag for my first year class at university. Cute or not???
See? She's Kalyan! There's the name on the bracelet at her right arm! "Hi! This is me, Kalyan!!!:)"

Well, everyone always have one's favorite color! Me, pink is my best-loved one. Pink makes my life funny, loveable, cool and smiley. Thus, I've just come up with an idea of my every pinky stuff collection. There are many pinky things I own. Pinky (teddy, phone-decor, iPod, school bags, book, pens and pencil, highlighter, robe and clothes, purse, clock and watch, shoes, hair clips, toys, towels and handkerchief, cap, elephant doll, princess-printed-blanket, curtain, bells, light-bulbs.....)

So how about you? what is your most fave color? fancy of doing some collection??? Enjoy your life!

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