Thursday, September 27, 2007

From a high school girl to a university student...


From a high school girl to a university student…

After I have passed the high school leaving examination since August, now my life as a high school girl has changed to be a university student instead. Well, I got grade “C” with a total score of 99.469/100 which is nearly “B”. People who got 99.479 were graded “B”… Well, let me tell you my specific grade for all 10 subjects during my exam. I got 2 “D”s in Khmer Literatures and Math, 2 “A”s in Physics and Social Studies, 3 “B”s in Chemistry, Biology and history, and 2 “C”s in Earth Science and English subject.

You know, this year the graded score format is different from the previous year. Last year, they set that 99.5## up was “A”, from 99.5## down to 98.### was “B” and “C” was from 97.### down to 93 or 92, whereas this year there are only the top 2 students are graded with “A”. One top boy got more than 100 and another girl who is my friend, she also got “A” with the total average score is 99.999. From 99.998 down to 99.479 is “B”. See! It is such a short space of “B”. Me, is the top “C”, from 99.469 down to around maybe 92.###. There is still “D” which I am not sure if it is from some kind of 89 down to somewhere. I am not dare to give more unreliable information about the grade score cuz I don’t know for sure as well.

After finishing high school, it is normal now that the students are preparing for university. For me, I have passed the scholarship entrance exam at Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL), Royal University of Phnom Penh in Department of English. I’ll take Bachelor of Education in English there. The class will start on 16th October. I also applied to another faculty in Accounting and Finance at Economic and Finance Institute (EFI). I do dual bachelor degrees. Well, I have merely reached the exit of a first step tunnel and will fight through another dark tunnel of university life soon next month. ( ^ , ^ ) Guess what, I am expecting and imagining how I would posses my life as a university girl. Hehehe… Will it be a tough and enjoyable one??? J However, I commit to try my best to do well! I need to grab goodies to my life. I am trying my best in seeking and behaving for the 3 success of life, (Academic, Social, Family) success.

How about you? Any comment for the university life or not? What do you think whether it is worth trying best to get the best evaluation in university or in society?


Anonymous said...

Yeap you are good student and good daughter. Wish you success in yr academic study, good future and overthrow all obstruction, healthy and more power like super girl, not super kid any more...:D Hollyplanet

anything said...

Congratulations and welcome to the University life with all the best wishes :)

Wanna said...

What a high score you have!! I'm so proud of you, sis! Congratulations and welcome to another life as a student :o)

Socheath said...

Just try with your best, you'll never upset with the come off result! Just remember that, dear!

Welcome to the 1st step in social life!

Anonymous said...

Vicheth: Guess u're not fully satisfied with ur grades, huh? But sadly, that's how life is, DD. There's no such thing as "fairness" or "equality" in this world. U didn't get that bad a grade anyway. So good luck with ur college life. Hope u'll hv a lot fun just like u did in high school. Peace out!

Draco said...

Bakura: Wow DD got a very good score, but I doch chea ban B, so I mech tov? Ha ha ha! Only joking! Anyway your site is very nice and hope to see more on it!

Taing said...

Well, ur grades look so good, esp the in Physics and Social Studies. I would highly appreciate ya achievement. Anyway, in university life, u must try double harder then high school. Moreover, you study two faculties simultaneously teat, I bet you must try harder triple or quadruple times than at HS. I am not scaring u, but, in deed, I strongly believe u can do it sucessfully as HS because u have a high commitment, which u can pave the way for success. I'll cheer u up accordingly.

Anonymous said...

showing off?

DeeDee said...

>>Holly Planet: Oh thank you! :) I will try my best then.

>>Anything: Thanks for ya wish!:D

>>Wanna: Hi a hear! Long time no see! how hav yer been bro???

>>Socheat: oh Thanks! I won't! hehe.. no worry!

>>Cheth: yeah! first, i did not satisfy this grade at all. but i must accept the truth right??? hehe...

>>Draco: hey the pure blood Malfoy! lolzzzzz... good on u! u got B! so? must be great hery! hehe...

Taing: yeah! i'll try my best to be an outstanding student in univ. then! hehe...

Anonymous: showing off??? wat do u mean eh???

Draco said...

Hey the name Draco doesnt mean that it's from Draco Malfoy. Yab! It's a name used by a lot of people. Anyway to differentiate myself from Malfoy, my name is Bakura. And yes I am very loy cuz I got B. Thank you. Ha ha ha!!! Just jokin. Anyway good luck in your life!

DeeDee said...

>>Draco: oh yeah! i see! not the Malfoys norh!hehe.. Bakura is better than Draco la! ok, thnks!

Anonymous said...

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seserak said...

You've done a great job, Dee Dee.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that there are many such good girls students like you. I think in the near future there will be lots of great scholars so that we can build our nation.

University life is very hard but I think you will be able to cope with it. Don't worry too much!

P said...

Oh! Great ! congratulation! You've done it! :)


Anonymous said...

Fuck u, Draco. Or Bakura. Or whatever the fuck ur name is.

rak3k said...

Good work deedee! Nice score, oh the score does no reflect your real ability. I rarely get good score in my life, but I never care anyway. btw, I have changed to for a long time, but I can't log in to leave you comment. see you there.

reak said...

deedee...beware of what you're posting on the internet...internet is not a safe place. Posting yours and your family background info won't do you any good. Not to scare you or anything as I don't really care...but somehow felt I had to say so.

Van-ishing said...

Welcome to IFL... M IFL year 2 student... U got good grade from high school...
Want comment about IFL student life?
Dun worry.. u will enjoy ur academic life at IFL, homeworks, assignments, revision tests, quizes,all have deadline on the same week...Haha,tough right? but 1 things m proud of being IFL student is i dun have to cheat though exam there is usually difficult...
And good luck& enjoy ur new academic battle!

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys call this is a good result. Isn't it stupid to get A in physics while get D in Math??? It's even funnier to get C in foreign language....

Anonymous said...

Vicheth: Well, it's not the best result we all expected for DD to achieve. 0r even DD herself. But hey, that's how it is in Cambodia. That's nothing too fair over there. Everything's gotta have a flaw cuz of corruption and all that stuffs. Anyway, as long as DD is proud of her results which I think she is, and we all are too, that's cool. Who cares if she doesn't get the best grade? She knows how to do stuffs.

Draco said...

Bakura: Wow, I'm amaze at that anonymous guy who had nothing to do but comment to "fuck" me. Ha ha ha! What a loser!

Hey dee dee, how's it going? University well?

geoff said...

Wow DeeDee! Good job! Welcome to university life.

Anonymous said...

Bakura, u're the real loser, motherfucker! Go to hell, asshole.

Draco said...

Bakura: Dude, just look at yourself. You come to dee dee's website posting swear words and nothing else. Only a person with NO LIFE would do this. Shame on you. And anyone can look at your comments and see that u are the loser. I feel so sorry for u. think you need to see a doctor or a counselor about ur mental problem before it gets serious. Ha ha!

Anyway, keep on the good work dee dee! Your site has lots of cool info!

Pooh :P said...

Still famous as ever! Congratulation college girl!!! heheeh aniway, halo i'm pooh la. I'm here to congratulate u and tell u that i'm in this blog thinging again, so if u have time, do drop by and give some comment, k? That's it, do have fun at college, thats all i can say cuz i have no idea of how that life (university/college life) look like either.. heheheh

Sophornvichet said...

oh it is great, well done !
having seen ur such great work, it remind when i was freshly attend university. it felt so wonderful !
i still remember the feeling wen i went to see the result passing scholarship at IFL ! It's FANTASTIC ">
Welcome to IFL !
wish u to be an outstanding student !!!

DeeDee said...

>>seserak: thsanks for coming back to my blog after months... :D

>>anonymous: oh tnaks for congratulate me na!

>>P: thank u! :)

>>rak3K: oh thanks! i'll be more careful next time. btw, next time i'll go to read ya blog then.

>>van-ishing: cool! yeah, m thin already now, m afraid i'll become a tooth stick soon! hehe...

>>burkura or sth: hey, damn u here! name is name! dun care much na! be frnly!

>>draco: thanks! but don make agument here. we are all cyberains! hehe.. so be good to each other na!

>>geoff: thanks for ya comment geoff! :)

>>Pooh: long time no see girl! well, i'll go check out ya blog next time na! now running crazy hery.. :D

Know, I’ve tried to comments many ti mes, but last Sunday there was sth wrong and so stupid about that internet shop. Now I just reply u all again.

>>sophornvicheth: oh not really, i am not really the top one in class. let's wait to see the proficiency test result so we will know who will be the outstanding ones. heheh... thanks for dropping by!

simuch said...

I try to post my comment twice but unsuccessful I still try more then I can.
Congratulations for your new life at university.
You know you are the only one of my symbol since I met you at the blog summit workshop.
And when I hear about you who are so great like this I am very proud of you because even though I don't know well but I already keep you as my friend.
I still say congratulation to you and good wish good luck for you and also your family.

Simuch said...


Congratulations for your new life at university.

May I ask you how you arrange your
schedule at universities if you study more than two universities?

Thanks for your answer to me
at mail:


DeeDee said...

>>simuch: well, thanks for comments. btw, i dare say i havent got any exact schedule for my uni at all. Just do whenever i have freetime. sometimes i stayed up late till midnight to finish my homeworks. hehe..

Simuch said...

I appreciate how you've got nice results. I can say that you study hard that why you've got a good responsibily and also dependability.
May you tell me how to start saying conversation of English smoothly without being reluctantly?
Should we have to know much the grammar or many vocabularies?

Please tell me know if you've got time.
Thanks in advance.



Allen said...

why is Institute of Foreign Languages mispelled? take a second look. Its "foreign" hehe. I just saw it. might wanna clear it out with your department. By the way, I come from the Philippines and I take up a degree in Computer Engineering at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. ^_^ goodluck in college...

Allen said...

oops. Its "foreing". so its syntactically incorrect. hehe...

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Anonymous said...

Hi girl. i just read ya post today. ya studied at Sisovath H.S? I was in Baktouk HS. u really hav a beter scor thn me.I got only 98,957. how regret was i? Now u study at IFL? Does C14 roomer is schoolaship holder? I heard that there are only 3 classes:c16,c21 and c22. And I now in c16. u no that a great frieds ever comparing 2 high scool!!!!!!!!! I love this class so much . What abt ur class? do teacher is awesome? i 12 be ur friend. From me Vireak. u'll doon seek this name in c16. If u reply me at u'll no who I am. Bye see ya wis u good i study!!!!!!

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You will find university a very mature place to learn and its very different to secondary learning. Enjoy!

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I still remember my days at the university. I was a good boy hehe

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On the whole, its a very good result and she did so many subject, its realy awesome!! she surely deserves a very good university.

Mieten said...

Oh thats great. Congrats deedee. And what level are you now?

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Congratulations DeeDee... brilliant results, hope you will do as good in university.. Best of luck.. cheers

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This is really genius. Best of luck for the future Deedee.

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which oraun high school host club character guy do you like best?

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Great job Deedee.
Congratulations!! All the best for your bright future:)

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This is simply great.I wish even i can study in university someday:)

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Marvelous, remind me of my high school days.All the best, keep up the good work.

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Good keep it up and perform well, because this where you decide your future steps.

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I completed my high school this year and now even i am a university guy:D

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