Friday, March 28, 2008

Lonely Day


Sitting alone (in fact I am not) without my 3 best partners, I feel like I don’t belong to this class. I have no concentration to the lecturer at all. I wish this temporary lonesome fade away soon. I just don’t understand now that the feeling of being alone without the close ones accompany or talk to is a real desperation.

My used-to-be-talkative me now turn to a gentle speechless one. I just understand that it’s hard to find someone who have the same favorite topic and characteristics to talk to and it’s even harder to ignore the lonely feeling when I exist without them aside.

Now I am really and eagerly wishing that I were at somewhere quiet with a pinky laptop accessing to the cyber world. If it were true, at least, I have internet accompany me till the time I found someone to talk to again.

What a really bad luck today is that. I’ve left my other phone with credit charging at home, and I have only a dull phone with an empty account with me here. I can’t contact my perfect partners. Where on earth they are up to and why haven’t they here with me?

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Thursday, March 27, 2008



What such a cute pinky note book!!! I used to day dream of pinky laptop available after seeing it in a movie starred by Hilary Duff. After I've seen a scene of her lovely pinky laptop, i thought it would be great if there could be any laptop available in pink. And now there is!

Its shape fit with girls! So cool! Do you love it? I bet "yes" if you are female, but i guess some guys may wanna own one too eh??? ( ^ , ^)

See? Even the bag, the mouse and the mouse pad are all in cute light pink. cute! What a daydreaming thing!!!!
Look at the slim shape! Look at the love-touchig-keyboard! I really wish I could own one. Hahaha..... Whatever! I feel happy enough that I can daydreaming of it.

By the way, what do you think of this Vaio? cute or not? which color you would prefer best?

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Waiting for the new starts...


Just finish all exam at both schools, now breaking free to visit my own blog and too enjoy my time with cybersphere. haha... Have u missed my posts? haha... Now don't have much time at all lah. No more nice post as before.

I am eagerly waiting for my new term to start at IFL as I miss my good friends there so much. I miss my english class and activities. i miss Meatball with fried noodle... Haha... i often eat dat during the break time.

By the way, my new term will start next week on Monday 24. I'll be busy again. Love ter be busy better then just staying at home with lots n lots of chores.. hahaha..


P.S: oh i got two cute lighting Pooh and Piglet pen from a toy store to use for my new semester nor! so cute na! will let u see the pic of them later in next post. :D

Welcome back next post na! Stay tune eh! :D

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