Thursday, March 27, 2008



What such a cute pinky note book!!! I used to day dream of pinky laptop available after seeing it in a movie starred by Hilary Duff. After I've seen a scene of her lovely pinky laptop, i thought it would be great if there could be any laptop available in pink. And now there is!

Its shape fit with girls! So cool! Do you love it? I bet "yes" if you are female, but i guess some guys may wanna own one too eh??? ( ^ , ^)

See? Even the bag, the mouse and the mouse pad are all in cute light pink. cute! What a daydreaming thing!!!!
Look at the slim shape! Look at the love-touchig-keyboard! I really wish I could own one. Hahaha..... Whatever! I feel happy enough that I can daydreaming of it.

By the way, what do you think of this Vaio? cute or not? which color you would prefer best?


Barbie said...

Of course, Pumpkin! I am terribly fond of every single stuffs and accessories in pink. Remember what we say during our sleepy lecture? Think... think... think...Ok, you remember now, huh, Dee? Our eternal sun, moon, and of course our inner life, are specifically dedicated to PINK. This is obviosly the most concrete reason why you and me can get along with each other this well, and of course, I truely admit that I can't afford to imagine my life without you. I love you so much, Pumpkin. Hopefully, the foundation of our friendship last for eternity, as long as it could be. Love you so much, Dee XX

Umm... I was real astonished to find out that you've been daydreaming of owning the pinky laptop after watching that movie starred by Hilary Duff. Wats the title??? Oh man! It totally slipped off my mind right now, but I'm sure I can recall it back sooner later. I'll tell ya when I can remember.

Hey Hey, don't forget our inspiring quotes, Nothing is miracle, but at the same time everything is miracle either, so I'm sure miracle does exist. What I've been wishing for has now comed into the reality. Just a couple more days, you can go and see what exactly I am trying to say. :)

khmerization said...

Nice and interesting blog. I love to visit it again, soon.

Ms. K said...

oh sis, i just saw this in the computer store yesterday and yeah i love the pink one haha..

m waiting for a discount. i wanna buy a new laptop too cos mine is really old now.

DeeDee said...

@ Bar(tons of)bie: oh girl! yeah, dat'z why we can get along so well with each other neng na! HEY, but i really envy u lah! now u got dat pinky notebook in ya hand... cool! love yer much much too na! Me too, I couldnt imaging how my day at school would be without Bie na!

@ Khmerization: oh thanks for droppin' by.

@ Ms. K: hi sist! oh cool! yeah, u still luv kidz stuffs. I think dat one suit you nas na! ;)

rak3k said...

nice laptop! but vaio is damn expensive, i'd rather not get it but for the color, i like write or just black.

Sópheak said...

For me i prefer the red one. The color is bright and it make me feel fresh. Anyway, all the color are wonderful if I can get one. Vaio sony laptop is expensive that i can't afford. That's why sister has only TOSHIBA. Miss you sister DeeDee.

Khmerchica209 said...

Hi, aww thank deedee! Yes, I do miss this place so much. Thank for visiting my blog. Do you want to exchange link?

Mei-Wah said...

hihi deedee... you are barbie's best friend who love pink as much as she do! :) pink vaio is sure every gurl's dream come true! i do wish i can own one pretty laptop...

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Mark Steve said...

Nice laptop! but vaio is little expensive, i would rather not get it but for the color i like black.

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