Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year! :D welcome back DeeDee


YaHuuu…….! Welcome back after a long absent from the blogosphere with all of you, especially my precious visitors… I have been being very very busy with mid-terms and quizzes at both universities. Now I can be here to update my blog because I have to share the environment lesson—in slides show cuz the lecturer shared only to me and let me share the rest of the class. Otherwise, I would not have a chance to online te! ha ha ha!!!

Btw, Happy New Year ( ^ , ^ ) to all of you. Let me wish you a prosperous New Year and succeed in your New Year resolution! Cheers! I have 3 more assignment which due soon (next week)! and I haven’t typed yet! (cuz I am the one who cover technical task) :D

Being the class monitor, I am getting more and more well-known, cuz I am admired by the lecturer for being well-perform with the duties of being the leader in class. Oh forget to tell you, my class is known as the best class among the 4th generation (foundation year classes) at EFI. (They say that because they have me as the class leader) ;D hhheheeh.. seems like I’ve fulfill my duties well hery merl tov!

However, at IFL, I am also famous to students at the other classes as well cuz my friends have spread my fame to their friends in other classes of my friendliness, well performed, good at speaking(maybe talkative???), and everything positive! Oh also Barbie too! we are both the perfect partners at IFL! Everyone envies us so much! :D

Ok, seems like it’s gotta end here cuz I don’t think I have more stuffs to share and to praise myself! hahah…. However, it’s true! I am so happy recently, I gain weight(so I look much chubby and cuter now! ( ^ , ^ ) ) and I get a bit taller too!

See ya next post na! Cheers! and smile! keep in touch!

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