Saturday, June 17, 2006

My Internet Experiences


My Internet Experiences

As technology developed, Internet has become extremely popular for many people all over the world. Now I’d like to describe about my Internet experiences to my blog visitors.

What are the causes that enable me to use Internet? How does it develop? The first time I began to access myself to the internet was in 2001 (Since I was in primary school, grade 6). During that time, there wasn’t many ISP or internet café (Net shop); besides, the cost of service charge was also expensive ($1/hr or $0.80/hr). I still remember when I first stepped my feet in the 1st net shop I’ve walked in, named Pacific Internet (near N.U), the café agent there giggled to me that “Ooh…! Jom! Kids come to play internet!” I was just only 11 at that time. I went to the net shop with my younger cousin (10 years old) to check and reply emails to from my aunt in the U.S and my uncle in Belgium who taught his son (my cousin) to use email. But nobody has ever taught me at all. I just noticed the process, what my cousin does, learnt from him, and then I started to practice by myself. As a result, I knew how to use email in MSN (hotmail) and Yahoo. I found out how to sign up on my own. Since then, my Internet knowledge began to develop gradually.

As the time goes by, aside from using email, in 2002 I learned how to send greeting cards by using Then I was interested in mIRC and joined channel Cambodia chat room in the nickname DeeDee. A year later, I used Yahoo Messenger to chat and I learned new things through that as well. At the same time, I used to search for cartoon pictures such as Tom & Jerry, PPG, Pooh and others. Moreover, I got to know lots of useful sites and started to browse them for my own sake like knowing about modern technology and international news. In 2004, I use the search engine on the internet to get extra information for my assignment for English school. After that period, in 2005 I began to build up my own site known as Blog in under the guidance from my online brother ( and began to know how to download other stuffs to use on computer and crack some advantageous program, too. Until now, I am still working with my blog and getting to know more about the whole society and the world via internet.

This has been my Internet experiences since the time I first used the internet till now. It’s been 5 years, 2001-2006, I’ve improved a lot in both spiritual and physical part.

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

My Trademark


hi everyone! how do u think abt dis logo? i design it by usin aaa logo v1.21... it is my trademark.... just share me some ideas abt this one ....

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