Thursday, September 02, 2010

I am back! I am back!


Welcome back guys!

More than one year has gone by... I have changed a lot. As the turning point of life has come, I think of nothing I could do more to be heard but to come back here so that I can be heard.

Right now I am a senior at my language college. I am no more a top scorer, nor an outstanding one. However, that's life. Time moves and things change; people also change.

I wonder why sometimes when I thought of no one to share or talk to, I always have my blog here to share my hidden feelings. How about you? Who or where do you turn to when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere facing such a bad time?

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Me, Myself and I

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Me? I knew nothin' about myself besides living with smiles and be cheerful cuz i dunno how long my life could last!