Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Another Big Workshop at PUC


This is a great day of our life history, probably. We gave apresentation to more than 400 students and academic staff at PUC andAlso in English and Chantra also made some funnies about his secondlanguage. It is a great success. Sadly for Viirak, if he were here, the workshop would be more joyful!

Participants: more than 400
PUC: provides great hospitality and facility for the event.
City Link: we received City Link's material support. The lab may not have work that well if it did not increase speed. This is about thecourtesy for city link, anyway.
Dean and academic staff of PUC also attend
Hand outs and other supportive doc such as list of useful websites and jinja's ten tips to blogging were also given out.

There are also media people attended the event.We need more people to help in computer lab

Next workshop is at NTU Sept 16 morning. But too bad i can't join cuz that day i need to do my IELTS exam! I really dont wanna be absent but it's very vital!


khmerak said...

Grade to hear that it's running well with fun. Hope everyone will appreciated it.

hp said...

You all are great. Move on!

singachea said...

Are you going to have workshop in NTU? That's my school; see you there!

Michelle_Woods said...

Hi Dee Dee,

Well, I am also stayin in pressurize circumstances as you too. All that we can do now is try to study harder and more diligent, right? Hope we do satisfactory test together, ok?

Lots of love,

mungkol said...

Good job and Congratulation!

To Singachea : Did you change your school from Nanyang Technological University to Newton Thylay University? Just kidding ;)

Hollyplanet said...

Hi Dee Dee and Pisey,

Wish you get what you want, 7.5!!!

chantra said...

I made funny in my second language? that why I try to speak Khmer...

vutha said...

That is the second time that i did not join with you. I hope i will participate with u later. When you have the next, you let me know if i have free time.

Anonymous said...

Oh~!!! my god~ so ragrad that I didn't no about this workshop(hold at IU). If I had knew it, I would join. I wanted to participate it very much but anyway I could join the second workshop of internet-bloggers sharing experience at PUC this morning. So finally!! also happy!

Pls let's us know when there has this kind of workshop again. From me, Lyda.

deedee said...

Bro Viirak: well bro. Hope u'll be back soon in de next 3days na! Hope u'll join de next workshop at NTU na! Really don wanna miss it cuz it used to be my school na! However, i hav to miss!:(

>>hp: trillion thanks to ya advices last 2days na! I'll walk my right way ahead as to get de future i've wanted to have!

>>singachea: yep! NTU stands for Newton Thilay university, oh transferred??? :P

Mungkol: Yep, we'll keep doing this! Hope later on, there'll more and more bloggers from Cambodia!

>>pisey: no worry as we are de outstanding in class already! :D

>>hollyplanet: I thanks u so much and hope ya wish to me n pisey would come true eh! :D

>> Chantra: good job! u were gr8t cuz u can mak de audiences laugh :)

>>Vutha: yeah! viirak can inform u if u r able to join! Hope to see ya present in de next workshop eh!

>>lyda: yep thanks for ya support and help in de lab in PUC na! welcome u anytime if u wanna join!

reak said...

so wat does PUC stand for?

reak said...

so what does PUC stand for?

Chantra said...

Paññasastra University of Cambodia

weera said...

good a job ^^

Poch! said...

Hi deedee,

Great Job!

Tips and Tricks blog said...

I love that idea. Great post!

Dr. Imtiaz Ghani said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

Dr. Kiran Yadav said...

That was a VERY interesting one! Seriously interesting.

Health and Wellness Blog India said...

Thank you, that was just an awesome post!!!



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