Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Being a valuable citizen…


Each Khmer citizen is a cell of Cambodia. A nation could exist forever and develop depends on good and strong countrymen. By the way, does each of us act as a useful citizen yet? What are the functions and duties of all worth citizen need to complete for our Cambodia?

For me, I am just a minor teen; therefore, I couldn’t do all duties that a good citizen should do at all. Moreover, I am not able to claim for things which I think ought to be done or happened out in a particular way at all. As I experienced, I learnt that things don’t go my way, so face it, solve it and thanks it. I am just a young simple citizen; even so, I still just do what are possible for a youngster like me could do such as:

- Trying to obtain as much knowledge as my brain can absorb
- Knowing what is right and what is wrong
- Respect the country’s laws
- Being a good student at school (Good student doesn’t mean that always get top scores through cheating during exams and get 1st rank ;D )
- Being an adorable daughter for my parents
- Being a KALYANAMITH (Perfect friend)
- Especially, being a genius cyber kid in the cyber world eh ;P

However, I am not independent enough to join some activities in the community and society. For example, KOMABAITONG’s charity group. (I still live under my parents’ control, I pay their money $$$$, all I can do is try not to spend them carelessly ;) )

One more thing which often comes up to my mind when I am thinking during my freetime is what are the rest doing in the name of Khemarak Both (Cambodian citizens)? Can you share me your activities and comments? I wonder what have you the reader and other youth been up to! (oh! I forget! Mr. pr has been sharing his ideas on this topic as well which he posted in his blog)

P.S: Thanks so much (in advance) for sharing with me via “Comments”

*Hey! Somebody tells me what is the full form of P.S pls……???


hp said...

Hi DeeDee,
I really appreciate your idea of how to be good citizen. If all yourths in Cambodia have such thinking as yours Cambodia will be developed 10 years faster, I think.
Anyway, replying to your question of what to do in the name of Khemarak Both, I would like to share some ideas here.
There are millions of activity to do to fulfil the obligation of being Cambodian, especially while Cambodia needs us to develop her.
For my part, try to be competent is one of the way. As young people, study as much as you can. Study here doesn't mean only study at school. Of course, study at school is the first one, but study about society is neccessary for young people. Learn about Khmer culture, history, and learn about the world. Learn how to make yourself to be useful to your family, your friends and your society. For example, help consult your friends when they need you is one of the way to make your society happy.
When I was in Cambodia, I didn't know what I can do for may nation. But when I came to Japan, I have many chance to do for the sake of my nation. I joined volunteer activities, showed japanese people about the Khmer culture and so on. You know? If you want the foreigners like Cambodia, firstly you have to make them like you because you are Cambodian. Therefore, making yourself be a reliable person is also mean to be good citizen, I think.
Well you still have much time to go. Do your best in studies and if you are interesting in studying abroad please try your best to go anywhere outside Cambodia to absorb everything to help rebuild Cambodia.
P.S.:"P.S." is the abbreviation for PostScript.(*1+0&dict=A)

deedee said...

Hi hp,

Wow... many thanks for sharing ideas and suggestions with me and everybody here who are Khmer citizen!

I really appreciated ya advice and i'll obey it as to effectively being a real Khemarak Thida ;D

However, due to ya presented comment, u seem care so much about Cambodia! U kno, some people don't care much about their country when they are living in theirs, but while they are away, they start acting as a careful citizen! I wonder why!


hp said...

Hi DeeDee,
>but while they are away, they start acting as a careful citizen! I wonder why!
Good question.
Before I answer the reason why I would like to remind you that maybe the3y are not acting as careful but most of them are really careful of their country.(● ^ o ^ ●)
Well, why do they become careful? Not only Cambodian, but every country's citizens in the world care more about their country when they are away from their country. I can't say in general about the reason, but I can give you my reasons.
When living in Cambodia, it is not that I didn't care about my country. The feeling of loving our own nation does exist in the heart of every Cambodian. But as you see, everyone lives without caring much about nationalism or not. It is not they don't care about nation, but as the surrounding people do nothing to show the feeling of loving country that's why they must do the same as the others.
How about when coming abroad?
Have you ever feel you love your brother more when your brother was beaten by the others? When you are away from home why do you feel missing home while at home you never feel like that? It is the same as when you are in your room with bright you don't know how bright the room is. But if you go outside to the dark place you will find how bright your room is.
It is the same. Living abroad makes you become alone. You will become an alien to everyone. That time you will feel how important identity is. Have you ever felt you need identity as cambodian in Cambodia? The answer maybe "no". Because you are assured all rights in Cambodia and what you feel that it is your country, you can use Khmer language when shopping and so on. Thing is better when there is no discrimination.
I met no discrimination until now. What I met is encouragement. I met many japanese people and they always encourage me to do my best to study, absorb as much knowledge as I can for the purpose of building country. Older people always tell me that "japan in the past was not different from current cambodia. After losing world war II, japan falt to the worst situation both infrastucuture and economy. It was the youth of the time who when to abroad and brought the knowledge back home to rebuild country.". You know? That's is another reason to bust my feeling of caring Cambodia.
Anyway, this is only a small part of the motivation. I, personally, wish many Cambodian going abroad to find out how do you love your country. I don't mean that people living in Cambodia don't have the feeling of loving Cambodia. All cambodians do love cambodia. We, who are currently studying abroad, will go back home and cooperate with all cambodian people to rebuild our beloved cambodia.
P.S.: I strongly recommend you to go studying abroad. You will learn more than what you expect.

dara said...

I think you ever heard this phrase "You know the meaning of one thing when you lost it".

This phrase apply to me when I live abroad. I see different cultures, way of lives, way of thinking. From that I started to appreciate our culture, our way of thinking, our way of life.

For me, beside helping fellow cambodian students in here and introduce our country to japanese people I think I did nothing to help our country. may be I am not a good citizen .

Hollyplanet said...

Hi Khmer citizen, it is so much great to realize these concepts. I completely agree and would like to share my impression about living abroad and living in homeland. When s.o are living in his/her homeland, he/she seems behave not much loving homeland. Day by day, what they have to do, it is like routine, working, traveling.. or sometimes discuss with neighbors or friends about the country for a while and nothing much more than that. And for a long period, the situation is still the same, so it make them less care about the country. They have to think about their family, so for them a family is a country, parents are government and children are citizen. They can't do any thing more besides take care their own country, they have to survive and they have to bend or flexible according to the situation. Sometimes they have to do, they don't want to do, but it is a must. Some people have to deal with his small own country first before concerning about the bigger one. Country is a system and need very good person to control. There is lot of thing and complicated and take long time to procced. For example, my friends and I case, we don't know much about the situation in Cambodia, not keep in touch well what is going on. Every one doesn't care much.

Whereas, when going abroad, like going out of the well to see new world, lolz. bit funny. But it is good chance to know lot of thing surrounding, new experience, see lot of development. Every thing is very important, for example in Germany, time is very important, if you miss one minute you have to run after the train to catch it or you have to wait for the next one. Meanwhile, if we look back and think about Cambodia, oh! poor country, nothing improve besides fighting each other, people living in the countryside are starving. No rain, no rice. No rice, no life. No life, no small country. So no big country, lolz kidding. But it is true. You know we ofter heard Cambodia is an agricultural country , 90 per cent of population are farmers, but if check in the field, they only cultivate rice base on rain, sometimes too much or less, nothing can control. No irrigation system, and completely different from neighboring countries. We can see every where water stream and high yield of agricultural products. You know in Vietnam shop we can find every kind of food imported from their country. eg. Kapik, Prohuk, Krouch Ngam Ngov, Kdam Prey, Ampil Pum...ha feel hungry now...lolz while how is Cambodia doing? ok, I should stop Hey... still lot left in my mind. Let other colleague to share his or her own idea. I think every one love their own country, expect some small portion of people are destroying their country, also lead to destroy themself one day. "Do good, receive good" "Do bad, receive bed" Now I miss home so much and don't want to live abroad at all. Cambodia has many good things. The bad things are food(no control, lead to health problem), security, traffic, pollution, corruption, salary. If these factors are controled, Cambodia is a heaven on earth. haha Nos But just dreaming, when will be , will be.

All in all, there is pros and cons for living abroad. Better study abroad, and go to live and work for our homeland Nos. At least, serve our small country-family as part of big family-country. Like you Dee Dee, keep on what you are doing as you mentioned, it is great alreaday for the nation. If every body does like you, so the country will be much better one day Nes. You are leader cell (:70)Hope the reader understand my English and messy idea.

Anonymous said...

You guyz are all brillant! I highly appreciate your idea and determination.
Please keep this strong desire up!


deedee said...

Hollyplanet and hp: Wow... you guys are doin such great jobs good citizens should do! i understand wat u r thinkin'. Also, I did learn alot from u all as well!

By the way, talking about studying abroad, everyone wish to but not all of them are lucky enough to achieve it. And i am not hopeful enough dat i'l hav such a chance like u guys at all :(

Star: Hey i used to hear it but i forgot about it! thanks for reminding me dat phrase na star! One more thing, doing those things, u r already a good citizen hery na! no worry! :D

A hear: why don u share us some more ideas? or they all hav enough opinion? no more for yer to share?

weera said...

my activity:
when i have free time
or on the sunday i will go meditation at the temple with my brother(my brother love did meditation very much.! after exam he will to go...) and with the khmer monks,
yeah.., sometime i will go tov smaak chea vulunteer with thai friend at the temple too.

if u want to know about meditation u can link this web :

weera said...

u know meditation is very good for study and hepl the people do and did in plov la-or
yeah...valuable citizen --> trov thver do,did,thinking, in plov la-or, men thver avey khos chabup(the law) neng che chory(hepl)khnea tov vinJ tov mok
love khmer language lol^^

hp said...

>By the way, talking about studying abroad, everyone wish to but not all of them are lucky enough to achieve it. And i am not hopeful enough dat i'l hav such a chance like u guys at all :(

Hi DeeDee,
Please don't say such as "i am not hopeful enough". Why do you know you are not hopeful when you didn't even try it?
Well, it maybe a tough goal to achieve. But if you never give up, you will success, I believe.
Japanese says "Feeling regret because of failure is much better than feeling regret because you didn't do it".
If you really want to go studying abroad, first of all please make a plan toward this goal.
I believe that in case of scholarship, everyone has the same chance. The problem is that there are people who can grab the chance and people who let the chance go.
Please take habit of setting a goal for your life and make plan how to achieve the goal then your dream comes true.
Let me tell you my story. I was a poor student from country side. I did't have enough money even to go CheyThavy school. But I knew that the only one way lead me to brighter future is only scholarship. I never gave up even though I failed the exam many times. I passed the exam when I was 22, the last chance for my life to come to japan.
I admit that it was not that easy to pass the exam. But when I passed, I felt confident and believed that "If I do enough effort, I will be payed back with success".
DeeDee, have you ever think that comparing to sports, studies is much easier to succeed. You know? To get a gold medal an athlete must win over his/her rival. So there is no limit how much an athlete must train because his/her rival is progressing everyday.
By the way, talking about studies, if you get 100 points in all subjects you will be number one. There is a limit in studies.
Of course it is nonsense to say "Be perfect in all subjects". What I mean is that "you have chance to succeed", "no word hopeless if you really want to achieve it". Please "Have a dream" and "Do your best or make effort as much as you can" then "Pray for good luck after you did what you could". That's all for what you should do.
It may be hard, but because it is hard that it is worth to be done and people cheer you when you succeed that.
Wish you good luck.
P.S.: If you feel unsure what to do, consult people that you trust and who experienced the way you gonna walk is one of best way to make plan for life.

deedee said...

>> weera: hey u r so good! like khmer language? so great! keep doin it if u like na! and thanks for de web link about meditation too! i'll try dat if i hav more time...


Hi hp! I dunno how could i thank u! u r such a great advisor to me! I learnt alot from u as well.

Yeah! scholarship, it's a tough goal to achieve.Anyway, thanks so much for ya tips. From now onward, I promise myself not to be hopeless at any thinkg I haven't tried. Also, i'll try my best to get what i wanna succeed.

hp, i used to meet such doom situations that ran into my life. From that time on, i am a quiet and upset person. I am hopeless at many things. I didnt get any encouragement, but I was blamed and mocked at. But those feelings never flows out as words from my mouth to s.o. Since that time, i began to lose everything gradually. I lose even my good-working brain! And nobody knows! Well.. too much about this. Don't wanna continue cuz it's a long story..

Hey, back to de topic, If you feel unsure what to do, consult people that you trust and who experienced the way you gonna walk is one of best way to make plan for life.

Well.. at this stage, to tell u de truth, i trust everyone! I am honest to everybody, but de results i've got is not like wat i've expected. Most of them never regard me as their frn! they are not loyal to me. By the way, i am not dare to find s.o spend their golden time to consult about that wit me at all. One more thing, i am de only child in de family, my parents are busy, I don hav any brother or sister to advice me everytime at all. I just learn from reading and elder frns outside school. But frns who experienced are not often near me to discuss or elp at all..

Anonymous said...

u a gril or guy?

deedee said...

i am a gal.

Ifonlyuknew! said...

Hi, little DeeDee, it is nice already that at least you have an attempt for ur higher education. It is another point that can proved you to be a good citizen ;-D

I really hope that you will keep yourself motivated, ok? Just like Hp said, without trying, you would never no that you could do it or not. N dat would forever keep yourself wondering. So if u r sure of ur goal, u must tell urself to be hopeful and work toward it. Make a clear plan, follow it and the possibility in succeeding will be high. U r really encouraged to dream and hope. Self motivation is very important in achieving ur objectives. U have nothing to worry, since u have a good potential and time. Do not be afraid of failure. There is one proverb which I do not remember so well the exact words, but I maybe able to share u the meaning. It starts that "The man on top didnt fall there!" He probably has fallen somewhere else before he can finally reach the place he is now. So, do not ever be afraid of trying and failure. As long as u try ur best, U have nothing to regret, ok? So go, go, fight for it!

Moreover, I think when u r in need of advice or consultation, there will be many experienced friends u can turn to. Not to mention, Hp and Star, just for example, are experienced ones for u to consult with. Am I right Hp and Star? And there r many more people out there to share u idea and experiences. I'm sure they r always ready to assist the young Cambodian youth to proceed for their dreams. And that will be a part of being a good Cambodian citizen. lolz

Wish u all the best dearie! And we are all always here to listen to more and more of ur future successful stories.

hp said...

>>Not to mention, Hp and Star, just for example, are experienced ones for u to consult with. Am I right Hp and Star?

Yeah, we are ready to help everyone who need our help. Dun know how much we can do, but I promise to do my best to help make you all happy.

Anyway, I like this words: "As long as u try ur best, U have nothing to regret, ok?".



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