Friday, August 11, 2006

Selected article About Cheating


Students: Exam Answers Widely Available

Students said more answer sheets were widely available on the eve of the final day of the 12th grade exams in Phnom Penh Wednesday, and even a Ministry of Education official overseeing the tests conceded that his own son had gotten his hands on an answer sheet.

Large clusters of high school students could be seen queuing up outside photocopying shops in Phnom Penh Tuesday evening to reproduce leaked question and answer sheets before the next day’s exams.

The Cambodian Independent Teachers’ Association urged the ministry not to recognize the exam results for geography on Wednesday and for the Khmer-language composition exam on Monday were widely available to students.

“The MOEYS must not recognize the examination result since two subjects were leaked, “ CITA President Rong Chhun said. "The ministry must reorganise the examinations."
Rong Chhun accused Ministry of Education officials of leaking the answer sheets. "Those officials sold the questions. The ministry should question the examination's committee," he said.
Soy Yen, who oversaw the three-day, multi-disipline exams sat by more than 50,000 students across Cambodia, said he had not witnessed any cheating.
He added that unscrupulous businessmen had sold cheat sheets to students, but said they did'not contain information that appeared in the exams.
"The environment is better than last year," he said, adding that it can be tough for proctors to detect cheating. "[Students] say quiet when we watch them, " he said.
Soy Yen said this son bought answer sheets in advance of the exams, but siad they did not correspond with the questions that came up/
"I didn't encourage him to buy de answer sheets but he told me de answer sheets were not correct," Soy Yen said.
It was difficult for students to bring their answer sheets into the classrooms as there were guards stationed outside the schools, he added.
One proctor at Hun Sen Bun Rany Wat Phnom Primary School, which hosted some of the exams, said he made $25 from students who paid him to ignore cheating.
He added that he feared that if he did not accept the bribes, the students would physically assult him after the tests. " I was afraid for my own security, " he claimed.
He also said that if his students had been unable to cheat, their prospect in the test would hav been bleak.
"If they don't look at the answer sheets, they will fail 100-percent," he said.
What do u think? Any comments on this topic?

Ref: Whole copy from Cambodia Daily, Tuesday, August 10, 2006


pr said...

thanks for the update K. cyberkid.

Hollyplanet said...

Dee Dee, when it is your turn, what will you do? Cheat or not? To be fair, y not NOs? But I think you can pass easily coz of yr geniuses.

Anonymous said...

Poor... but i used to... :-(

seserak said...

It doesn't surprise me.I've lived through, seen and heard that for almost all my life. Such practice won't disappear easily unless teachers's salary is raised to a satisfied level. We need more time, more money and more politcal will from the government.

By the way, DeeDee:

What great are you?

seserak said...

Sorry, typo,

I meant what grade are you in?

dara said...

Haha, I get used to such things.
These are common things.
Hey, don't tell me that you won't cheat eh?

deedee said...

pr: ya welcome!

Hollyplanet: well... my turn is next yr. For me, i am willing not to cheat eh! cuz even it's not fair, try to be a qualified citizen! high score through cheating is nufin for me! i just kno ma own self that i am knowledeable satisfied me alot already! i don care about rank i get at Public school at all...

a hear: U used to wat? cheat? u kno, durin ma diploma exam ( grade 9, lower secondary exam) I didnt cheat! and i got Nites La' or Bankour nor! (grade B))

Seserak: oh it doesnt matter for u? but i does appeal very deeply to me! i am worried! Now try to think wat will de consequence be in de future if there's no qualified people in Cambodia? Well.. Next yr is gonna be my turn. Now i just passed my grade 11, but i am not de top one in class ;( eh but it's ok! ;D

star: hey i think i don wanna do that at all! wat d'ya think?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Trey Oun,

Neither in my primary school's final exam nor within semestral controls, but deeply gotten involved during my BacII :-(
I agree with you that we need genuin qualified Cambodians for the future of our country. A Hear is so proud of you na!

dara said...

so next year you will take BACII. Let's see whether you will do it or not.
For me, I did cheat but for memorize subjects like geography, history ... Not for math or science or Khmer.

If you can do it without cheating wow, it will be great ...

deedee said...

A hear, yep, i'll try to be a real geniun qualified citizen! ;D

Star: Yep wait and see! I send u my progress of my study! help me analyse it, wont u?

Cheating said...

Very interesting post. Thanks a lot for sharing.



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