Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Internet Experience Sharing Workshop


Yesterday, Monday 21st, I went to do the workshop, Personal Information Technology Workshop, at International University (Phnom Penh Thmey Campus) with our Khmer Blogger friends. Our friends volunteer to do this project as to share some knowlegde and experience in using the Internet, especially about Web blog or Blog.

There are four members in the group. Mr. Lux, Mr. Virak, Mr. Chantra, Miss. Keo Kalyan(She's Kalyan Big Big, just we have exactly the same surname and given name!) , and Me(Keo Kalyan Toch), Khmer Cyberkid!

Moreover,we are planning to do this workshop in PUC (Panhsastra University of Cambodia) in this 30th of August. However, one member is going to be absent. He is Viirak because he is leaving to Malaysia today to do some work and expand the knowledge about Blog with the other bloggers in Malaysia. (Blogger meet-up)


vutha said...

That is great, i did not participate in it.

Anonymous said...

Opss...I missed it again (Opss...I did it again - by Britney Spears)
All you guyz organized an unannounced event :-(

deedee said...

nah... a hear! we did announce that long ago. Last two months in Viirak's blog! Just u didnt see it and u missed it tov! anyway, u r so far, not here, so no regret eh!

Vutha: yep! Bro. viirak told me that u r busy so that u cannot join.

hp said...

Very interesting activity. Next time please let me join you all too.(@^-^@)!

keu daravuth said...
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keu daravuth said...

So sorry that i cannot join that special meeting up..i wish the next meet up would take place on my vacation ,july or August...;)Moreover,i hope me and Mr.x two cambodian bloggers from vietnam have faces there too.. !!!

pr said...

kalyan touch is joined with kalyan thom and many other big people.
i'm really impressed. good job deedee and keep up the good work.

deedee said...

>>hp: hi hp! well.. if u were here, we'd hav invited u to join us too! but unluckily, u r so far from Cambodia (*_*)

>>Daravuth: hehe... of course! if u are here, ya face will be there with us too! :D

>>pr: hi pr! thanks for dropping by cuz long time no see! Well.. now we are arranging for better workshops next time...

Lux said...

you may post about our next workshop and let everyone know outsiders of PUC could also attend... morning of Aug 30.

dara said...

That was a good move dee. Keep it up :)

deedee said...

>>Lux: No worry! I'll post about de workshop at PUC... Ok. Hope de next workshop will be done better than de last one!

>>star: Ok! keep de move on! thanks for encouragement! :D

Chantra said...

Deedee, at the first time you post this, I didn't see my name.

You just edit it?

The next present:
Location : PUC (near Vimean Ekreach).
Date : 30-August-2006
Time : 8:00am to 11:00am
Presenter : Lux, Chantra, Kalyan
Share Blog Experienced: Deedee,...anyone want to share please deedee...

Anonymous said...

Hi!! deed deed. M lyda. M very much interesting with that workshop. And I want to ask you that can I go with you as a guest? I do want to go cos I want to see you make a speech. You will be making it perfectly I think!

Ok, please tell me which PUC branch?I feel likely to go. And when you reply, can you pls tell me your phone number?it is easy for me to contact you. You no??Ok,have you sent mail to me in 5steps inbox??I can't open Paul's site those day. I don't no what is the problem of that site te. Ok, Don't forget to tell me your contact. Good Bye.

This workshop will be wonderful hoey. I'm impress of you very much. You are a talented-girl that I have never seem before.

Chantra said...

Hi..., The PUC branch near Mong Rithy Group along Norodom Bulvd.
This workshop is open in public, everybody can joint.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much chantra. But I want to know one more thing, which floor of PUC? A hall on the third floor???

Ok, Just tell this.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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