Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I'll Be Away...


Hi everyone reading this post (^o^)...

I'll be away.... away.... Celebrate the day.... the day.. the day hey... (Oh my god! Out of topic! Why go to world cup song like this??? :P)

Yeah.. My blog has been dead. I don't have time to update my blog as I am having my IELTS exam on 16th September. I need more time to do the practice because I am afraid I'll get a 4.5 on my Reading Band... Also, I need to practise some more writing cuz I can't do it well in 1hours (Two tasks: Task1-Graph describing-a report and Task2: Minimum of 25o-word essay on an academic topic)

Well... I just wanna inform my blog visitors in advance that I am not leaving my blog behing, but i just busy for a while :D

Will be right back with some more posts I wanna share to u all! Stay tune.. :?


mungkol said...

Dont worry. We'll always be your FANs!!!

We are sure that you'll get the best score!!!

Keep us inform afterward!

hp said...

Wish you good luck and high scores, DeeDee!

deedee said...

thanks so much to mungkol and hp, i hope so too but i am not sure yet.. (^o^) cuz my readin is so poor... well.. nufin better.. i'll try my best to do it on de day..

Anonymous said...

Wish you good luck and high scores, DeeDee!

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