Monday, September 25, 2006

My Zodiac!


This is the sticker of my zodiac sign! It brings good luck to have ya own horoscope in ya room!
PS: hp, u should have one eh! we hav de same zodiac eh! THis is the one i told u last time!


hp said...

Oh, nice pictures Dee! Maybe I have to find one to decorate my room too.

Hollyplanet said...

Take a look your daily forture:

deedee said...

hp: yeah! in reality, it is very cute and nice one! this one i shot it by phone te! not so good-looking!

hollyplanet: thanks! i'll go check out my fortune! :D

Anonymous said...

hollyplanet: thanks! i'll go check out my fortune! :D
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Blogger said...

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