Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Personal Information Technology Workshop


The Cambodian bloggers gathered the ideas o f doing the workshop about Personal Information Technology which focuses mainly on Blog or Web blog.

The reasons we are doing this workshop because throughout the survey of general people it could be seen that there still be a large number of people never know about blog or even internet.

The target of the workshop is all universities in Cambodia, all 24 cities and provinces. The workshop had been held at 3 universities in Phnom Penh already. First one at International University, then the second one at Pannasastra Universily of Cambodia, and the third one at Newton Thilay University. We are doing the next one at University of Technical and Management on this 30th of September.

The aspect of the workshop is to share the Internet experiences to other people, especially we hope to see more bloggers from Cambodia. The structure of the workshop is divided into 5main parts such as Base Knowledge of Internet, Social Network, Khmer Unicode, E-mail and Web blog or Blog. After the workshop, there have been the practice at the end.

The first time of the worksho, there were about 50 attenders. Most of them seem interested about the workshop and the topic. The next one at PUC, there were approximately 400 people joined! It was a bigger and much better one. Many people from other institutions, lecturers, students and the outsiders took part vigorously. The latest one held at NTU, there were alot of participants too.

The wrokshop is able to progress smoothly depends on the union work of our Cambodian bloggers, City Link (ISP) and especially the participants.

Personally, I could notice more Cambodian bloggers now since the first workshop. I hope we will gain more supporters and see Cambodians have an eye on this as to develop the society and generate our ideas through our near-future-wide soical network.


Chesda said...

That's cool.!!!!

KK@111 said...

Good job, DeeDee. I hope this workshop will be successful. Is ITC(techno) in your plan of the presentation?

Anonymous said...

It would wonderful if you have done workshop of blog or web log within http://www.khmerblog.com which is FREE blogging site that own by khmer and it is very easy to use as well as many other blog sites. You can also move your blog from blogger to khmerblog.com without any problem (how to move blog from blogger.com to khmerblog.com is on the main page of http://www.khmerblog.com)

Good luck on you workshop and it is great to see you take this kind of action to show to khmer people.

deedee said...

>>chesda: thanks!

>>kk@111: thanks! ok let me ask Camblog whether we will do at ITC!

>>anonymous Khmerblog: well... i already! khmerblog.com/kalyan but i havent managed it well at all.

snoopysayinghello said...

I want to join too but this sat I'll be busy. Sorry dee dee. But do your best of this workshop na.

chesda said...

HI kids,

IF you want to test your knowledge of HTML please go to this site : http://www.w3schools.com/html/html_quiz.asp or click Test HTML

deedee said...

>>lyda: it's ok! but sorry for this mornin na! keepin u wait me for abt an hour.. n then.. ok forgive me na! i didnt mean it.. but i cannot leave...

>>poch: thanks but sorry this mornin i cant go to LRC... i was busy go to take my ielts resulf from ace..

Anonymous said...

Good luck on you workshop and it is great to see you take this kind of action to show to khmer people.
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