Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Best Mekong Blog


The nominees for best Mekong-region (non-Thai, non-China) Blog Q1 2006/2007 are as follows:
Tales of Asia (http://talesofasia.com/blog.htm)
ThaRum (http://tharum.info)
Vietnamese God (http://vietnamesegod.blogspot.com)
Wanna’s Diary (http://xwanna.blogspot.com)
You will be required to rank all of the nominated sites so please review all of them before proceeding.
E-mail registration is required to participate. Your address will not be sold, given away or used for spamming. All collected addresses wil be destroyed within one month after the close of polling.
The poll will be launched shortly. Please take the time to review the nominated sites.

For more info, pls visit this site: http://asiablogawards.com/?p=22#comments

It is amazing that Tharum and Xwanna are ones among the best! Congratulation to them! Cheers!


weera said...

deded u Congratulation to them! ..but I Congratulation TO YOU LOL ^,^ good luck for ur IELTS exam..!

deedee said...

thanks weera! i think i wont do it perfectly due to my careless ... i am so panic now cuz i havent done a lot of practises... esp. reading.. it's a hardest subj to get a good band score! :(

Anonymous said...

i am so panic now cuz i havent done a lot of practises... esp.
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