Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kite Flying: A Leisure Activity!


Last Saturday evening around 4pm, I went to do some weekend leisure activities at the Public Park near Independent Monument with my highschool classmates.

This is the first time in my life that mum and dad allow me to go out to do some sports with my friends. I did enjoy doing some leisures with my friends. I brought my badminton stuff, all 4 kinds of ( cotton) balls (They belong to my li'l cousin), my jumping rope, but I don't have a kite, never!

When I arrive the park, I could notice hundreds of kites are being hoisting up in the cloudy blue sky. I left all my sport stuff and borrow my friend's kite to fly! I never play a kite since I came to this world, so I don't know how to hoist it. My friend taught me then I begin my own.

It was a great experience! Now I am planning to go there again this saturday... (^o^)


ladybug said...

kite-flying...sounds wonderful. I love to play badminton. :-)

deedee said...

yeah! me too! but it was so windy dat day so that i choose to fly the kite :)

Chantra said...

My house is along the street of Independence Park, Can I joint with you this saturday? You know this saturday from 2:00 till 5:00pm, I and virak will train 30 PUC's students to making and using blog, so after that I maybe joint with you...hahaha!

KK@111 said...

I want to do that sometimes too.

dara said...

I used to fly khmer kite. Not the one in this picture.
You remind me of my childhood.

Chantra said...

In my childhood, I can make the kite and it fly, but now I can't... may be I need to spend $4 to buy a kite the one line role.

deedee said...

>>chantra: haha.. at 5:00, i'l be back home hery! :P nway, don forget to tell bro. virak to joint toastmaster meeting at PUC this sunday too okay? btw, a big kite costs only $2.50 te!

>>volb-kk@: u can try dat with star eh!

>>dara: yep! not dat one in de pic, i just copied it from google te!

Michelle_Woods said...

Hey, I want to have fun by playing kite too. Now all we have to do is to improve our reading, right?

ALl the best to both of us,

vireak said...

You no where to buy those kites in PP?

weera said...

Very good ..I like that activity with my brother ..I wanna to play it again is possible...^,^

deedee said...

>>Pisey: sey... at least i've done my best in de last reading practise in class rite??? i got 20/40.. de highest one eh (^o^) how abt u? 16? i think we can get a 5.0 on ielts test na! hope we'l pass with de band ...(i wish not lower than 6.0)

>>vireak: yeah! if u go to de park near independent monument, there are hundreds of kite to buy! they r sold by de sellers who park their bikes along the walkside of de park! go there n u'l c! :D

>>weera: yeah! great u've got siblings.. poor me! i hav none! :(

Anonymous said...

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