Monday, September 11, 2006

1st day of Phcum Ben I....


Last Friday was the 1st day of Phcum Ben days. I went to Chumpouwan Pagoda where my grandpa's stupa is located. My family members are buddhist, so we always go to at least 7 pagodas for Phcum Ben. I went with my grandma, my uncle and aunty and my cousins. I offer the food to the monks and dedicate to my passed away relatives, esp. my grateful grandpapa. I had such a good day. ( I don't know why I like to go to pagoda. I never missed even I have class, I mean I missed my classes on that day :D just to go to pagoda. Even mum she's busy with her work, so I often go on behalf of her (^,-)

Phcum Ben Ceremony lasts for 15days during Pheaktroboth, from the 1st Rouch to 15th Rouch (the name of the 10th lunar month of Khmer). During this period, u can notice that there are many people going to pagoda with food and so on... One more thing, they go to throw Bay Ben ( the rice roled in small round shape with coconut milk and sesame.... ) >> sounds delicious eh.. But it's for Pret, the passed away ones who commit sin when they were alive... and when they are dead, they are released only 15days to visit the earth and to get food from there living children or relatives. So we are believed that we should go to at least 7 pagodas, not absent! if the Pret relatives cannot get the food cuz we didn't go to pagoda, they'll curse or blame us. And this is believed that this year will be the doom year; we'll meet bad luck for the whole year...

PS: btw, How many WATs have you Nhamed Bay Ben, visitors??? :P


Anonymous said...

YAHOOO!!! Oun Toch, you are a real budhist! I wish I could join you - i've missed the ceremony for long(since my move to VN). Honestly, when I was young, I went to the Wat mostly for a spin. But, hehe.. never forgot to offer the food to the monks As I remember, when i was at grade 12, my mom forced me to go to the pagoda on my own(separately without them). Maybe they thought I became adult :-)

hp said...

Wow DeeDee, you went to Wat? I haven't been to Wat for quite long. Honestly I don't even remember it is Phchum Ben now. In cambodia, my house is near Wat and in Phchum Ben I was listening to the THOIR(?) the monk sang everyday. Do you believe? I still remember that THOIR until now. I can even sing them.
When I go to visit home, my mum always invite monk to celebrate SOT MUN for me. I always sing along the monk and my aunt and uncle said "How come do you know that?"
Well, talking about wat is one of the place I like the most. It might be because I spent my childhood. But I used to tell myself that people who came to Wat are the ones who wish for good thing, think good thing and do good acts at least in Wat.
Anyway, DeeDee, please pray for me na! Please offer food to monks on behalf of me Phong na so that Pret will not curse me. Thanks in advance!

weera said...

very good very good deedee ^^
I rejoy in your merit too +_+
Last sunday, at thiland I went come form SAANG BON douch khnea..
shear this Bon to u too +_+

deedee said...

>>>a hear: so in vietnam they don celebrate this kinda ceremony te hor? ok jam dee pray for u na! and also share BON i've SAANG to u too okay?

>>>hp: Ok if u forget, now i've informed u through de post hery tah! ^o^ oh good u know how to sing THOIR n not yet forget! great! ok so no worry! jam pel dee go to wat again, dee will pray for good for u and share u my BON too okay!

>>weera: Sa-Tuuu... ok so let's share BON to each other noh! :D

KK@111 said...

knhom som chek mak chek phol phorng. ott ban tov vat tov va ning ke te. I want to go to pagoda too. I also want to boh bay ben.
By the way, may I add your blog's link in my page?

hp said...

Thanks alot Dee!

deedee said...

>>volb@@kK: ok u can add my link! oh no worry i'll share u my BONN na! but make sure u use it properly eh! ;D

>>hp: thanks for ya sms last nite! hope i'll do a perfect job on my exam tomorrow la!

Anonymous said...

When I go to visit home, my mum always invite monk to celebrate SOT MUN for me. I always sing along the monk and my aunt and uncle said "How come do you know that?"
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