Monday, September 11, 2006

Go Kite Flying Again...


Hehe... This was the second time I've been out to do some leisure activities with my friends. Actually, my cousins, my aunt and uncle also joint us too! Also, my friends' family members too!

This time is even more enjoyable!!! Just resembles last time, but add one more aKtive! Biking! it was great! I and my li'l cousin rode bike to the park.,.. We all were playing happily and enthusiastically! We took lots of photos.. (I'll post some next time, cuz i havnt prepared them to post yet! :D) Unfortunately, we lost 2kites! The kites were flied tooo.... high in the sky, when they met, the string cut off and they flied away... Even my friends rushed to get them back, but nothing found! :(

Until around 7pm, (my friends left home but i remained with my family) I went to have dinner out at Lucky 7 near by...

Even so(the loss of kites), i still had such a wonderful day that day...

PS: Anyone wanna join me next saturday??? Just inform me...


hp said...

You seem like kite-flying so much. I hope I can join you all one day.

traactivity said...

I may joint after finish training wrbblog to PUC students on Saturday afternoon with Virak.

traactivity said...

I may joint after finish training webblog to PUC students on Saturday afternoon with Virak.

traactivity said...

I may joint after finish training webblog to PUC students on Saturday afternoon with Virak.

traactivity said...

I may joint after finish training webblog to PUC students on Saturday afternoon with Virak.

deedee said...

yeah i do like it so much!...

Anonymous said...

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weera said...

..wanna to joy with u lol ^^
but now busy for study hehehe
ps. if i gone u r ok ??

Anonymous said...

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deedee said...

>>anonymous: it's u u know who i am??? ok! thanks... ooh no worry cuz i am a good student already! i am so happy that u'll give me some lessons related to wat i am hunger to know! :) btw, how d'ya get to know my blog?

u r the one i know???

>>weera: yeah keep up on ya study na!

Michelle_Woods said...

Hi deedee,

It seems that you always have a lot of good time playing kite, right? I wish to join you one day, deedee.

Let's see. Hmmm... all we are concerning about is our upcoming coming exam. I think you will be the best cos you are quite brilliant.

All the best in the world to you and to me too.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

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weera said...

deedee: thaks alot ^,6
but now i'm stying and busy with my report very so far for gone to play nah..heheheh^^
Take cere your self ^^

ps. good luck for ur test ^,^

vireak said...

DeeDee, do not trust someone anonymous in the internet. They may be spammer or someone with ill intend. Beware, the internet is not the safest place.

deedee said...

>>>anonymous: oh gotcha! u r rite? tola, rn't u? well.... i believe in vireak! how can i believe u cuz i never know u clearly porng neng! :? yeah u can see my yahoo id in my profile!

>>>weera: keep up with ya study first, then gone to play! :)

>>>Vireak: Yeah! u r right! thanks so much for reminding! yeah! how can i believe that! i don even know who dat anonymous is!

Anonymous said...

Hi Virak,

That's true that internet has its bad, but, ok I will make DeeDeeDoll knows that I am the one who she knows and She really know who I am. But can say I have just known her for a short time.

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Please I will tell you soon who I am.

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Take care,


deedee said...

anonymouscam: r u sure? but u always say that u'll let me know who u r! really? de one i knew! i dunno exactly who u r at all! ok i can wait!

Anonymous said...

Hi DeeDee,

Oh, It kinda make you headache right? So forgive me then, I am the one you know and you are the one I have just known. Look back to the last two years you will see me sitting in the library at NTU.

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I hope you know me,


Anonymous said...

you can not go to the links that I posted above. I have changed them and you can not reach the pages.




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