Tuesday, March 06, 2007

PIT Workshop at AEU


On Monday, 5th March, the 10th Personal Information Technology Workshop held at Asia Europe University. There was around 350 people partcipated. The workshop yesterday was found successful. The participants seems very interested in the topic we talked about so much. Hope to see more and more bloggers from Cambodia soon after the workshops.


Borort said...

I want to have a chance to joint the workshop, but how to get the earlier info about that...?

AnythingAtAll said...

Glad to here that....

Vibol said...

"That's an interesting workshop!"

Anonymous said...

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Didi (^;^) said...

Yo! yo! yo! cheers for khmer generation!!! v r dynamics!!! All cambodians are brilliant...sooner become a outstanding country hery!! Let's cheers!!!!

Socheath said...

One way to save our country is trying to be really well educated, patriot, corruption free! Enuf to build an unforgettable home!

Oudam.com said...

As a Cambodian American blogger, I am very impressed. Keep up the good work!

DeeDee said...

borort: hahah dunno as well! but u can join whenever if u know in advance!

anythingatall: thanks for another dropping by!

Vibol: thanks!

Anonymous: oh dun mind only if in good purpose! :D

didi: yeah! yo! must be lah! cuz de good-at-english one now improve his writing hery! :P

Socheat: yeah! i agree with u bro! fight!

Oudom: thanks for comment here! yep!



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