Wednesday, February 28, 2007



At 3:14 P.M of my watch this Wednesday, I have 2hours freetime from class cuz my teacher is busy today. So I left my class with my blue 50cc Super Cup and riding just 50meters from my south-highschool-gate while I saw 2 motorbikes sleeping (??) in the middle of the crossroad, Norodom Blv and Keo Chea street. It was a shock cuz i could see each vehicle controllers was fighting each other like we see in the movie! OMG! one side is a young guy (maybe highschool student, i suppose) and the opponent is a middle age man. They look hot and wild! I am really scared so I don't remain to see the situation, but leading up my way to the internet cafe to share this news with you all!

I don't really know the cause of solving problem by strength like this at all. I think we have mouths, we have laws, we have a cold and peaceful way to solve the problem, not just running along the street fighting each other like boxing or wrestling and leave the crashed motorbike lying messily in the middle of the way like this at all. This causes chaos, traffic jams in the community! Especially, don't they think that doing like this can make them lose the value of oneself?


Anonymous said...

if everyone thought like you, there would be no more crimes,fighting.... That`S y, we need education to control our aggressive emotion, i think. However,i don know how far education can go, coz still many criminals are cultured or sophisticated people.

b o e u n said...

Thanks for sharing this. I also had seen that action for a few times.

Socheath said...

It's not strange to me as Cambodia is in such a bad situation presently. This'd happen even in the most powerful and the highest civilised country in the world.

Way to escape is to be away from them, every situation. In the world, I always have much worry about the young female that'd be struck by that innocently, while less on guys as it seems easier to react.

Pooh said...

I saw a lot of these kind of accident. It happen like everyday in PP!!!

DeeDee said...

oh thankse everyone for sharing views on this post! I hope we all will be safe as we do good.

Anonymous said...

THIS IS CAMBODIA!!! it's known to say this while anyone get a question. law, rule or other regulations is just in good writing but never in practical.

In good manner, we should call police hotline 112 or ambulance 119 for help the situation. Do something please....



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