Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An embarrassing mornin'....


This wednesday mornin', i got up and prepare for mornin' class as usual. after breakfast, i took off to school while I arrived empty classroom! Nobody is in class!

What's wrong? Where is everybody? I knew there must be reason for this! I phoned y friend and ask if we have extra biology class or not today. He said "What? Everyone is in the meeting all right now! Where r u?" Suddenly, i began to panic! Oh My god! I forgot the meeting day to learn the exam ruler in the big hall! I was so forgetful now as time passes by, my memory gets older as well... I off the conversation immediately and run to motor park and took off back home to change my normal clothes to my highschool uniform. Luckily, my house is not so far from highschool, i spent only 8mins for de journey from school to home and back to school.

Consquently, i was late for the meeting. It's started since 7:45am and I arrived at 8:15! It was ashame of me! And how come? I am a student of 12L2, the special class of maths! I really lost face! I was scolded by the school director.... What such ashame of me!.... :(


Socheath said...

Normal, It happened to me sometimes, too; such as: go to school on the day-off, etc.

Don't over-use ya brain, but let's try to have daily note! So just remember one stuff only, is to check the note we made! But be sure not forget to take note, na!

Anonymous said...

Don't mind with "forget" as it is the way to leave room for others memory. Our brain have limits. Anyway you're not asult yet, to little to say OLD

Didi (^;^) said... a matter fact, people nowadays are forgetful as well, not only u, DD ! everyone is! As for me, sometimes, i can't even remember what i supposed to do daily, i mean my everyday activities, moreover, occassionally, i can't even remember how much the money i lent to my friends as well....So now, it's forgetful world, everybody has this problem, not only pls dont be too much worried about it ey na, if u wanna do, try to learn or do it by heart....(^;^)

From a forgetful boy,

amyourlove said...

Nak gru

Don't mind with words from school director to you ! everyone is late for conference as me sometimes i did as my house is far from university ( i need to spend one hour by travelling by metro and then change to take a bus to university)

I think you should have everyday life note or an appointment book for your own so that it is easy not making you forget.

I do like this that i never forget or miss time of conference.

But it is so hard when i go to conference in Paris, Rome, Berlin or Praguha... i don't know the way which i could travel by metro.... so the easy way for me is taking a taxi to conference (quite expensive taxi here)

Hope this incident would not happen to you again when you can control your time.

Big kiss from Tazan

DeeDee said...

>>Bro Socheat: Yeah, i forgot to add this on my To-Do-list stick note... There won't be another ashame time..

>>Anonymous: okies.... not old yet, but my head is too old :( i used it too much over the limit of my age te deng??? :P

>>Didi: Ooooh!.. u can forget anything, but u shouldn't forget how much u lent ya frns te na! eheheh... :D ok, don't overuse ya brain ey, cuz no more reseved free part te if we all parts are occupied over age-limit.

Tarzan: thanks for droppin by. Thanks for adivce. i'll keep serious note-taking next time or i'll lose face again in front of the crowd.

Hollyplanet said...

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DeeDee said...


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