Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Opening ceremony on Blog Training


On Wednesday morning, 14th of Feburary, there is an opening ceremony on Blog Training organized by Open Forum of Cambodia, funded by EED. The Conference is very useful and interesting. There are quite a few participants from various institution For example, from Cambodian Press Association, The Cambodia Daily, Public and Private sectors and other local and int'l NGOs.

I find this conference is so informative and full of important ideas and things to reconsider about after hearing all people who share their views and also via discussion. The most interesting thing is that blog is regarded as a democatic ways of sharing news. It's dangerous and also beneficial depends on the way we run and own our blogs.


Socheath said...

Heuy, I feel you guys, there, are so industrious to work hard every conference or workshop. Warm welcome!

I love IT stuffs and used to spend too much time on it than my studies when I was a student! But, work routine eats my time all, now, even in the night time (moonlighting)!

Be ahead with remarkable progress, there!

Anonymous said...

This is interesting issue that many students in Cambodia start blogging. I have for many years ago but didn't have time to host blog for Cambodian students. So from now on is a free blog hosting website that dedicate to khmer. I also glad if khmers who has blog in or or or any other blog hosting site move their blog to I wrote some article about how to move your blog from other blog hosting website to in "Tips & Tricks" category.


DeeDee said...

thank... i wil try when i hav time..

bro, thanks for dropping by na>

Plavix said...

Thank you for sharing this blog i enjoyed reading this blog alot.and will look forward for more updates..



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