Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's day!


Happy Valentine's day!
May today be a lovely day for you all with ya loved onces!
For me, I was so busy at the conference in the morning. But i promise this evening and night, i'll have time to spend with my loved onces. In contrast, I don't have anything for my parents at all, but that's ok, cuz there'll be some celebration again on 17th which will be my mum's 40th birthday!
Be happiness and lovable feeling fill your heart and be Peace in yourself, your family and the whole society!


Socheath said...

Before, I'd never had any idea about this Day of Love, not even wait for or think of it to come! Anyway, many people remind me of that, but it's not so interesting for me! It's a new popularity of youth of nowaday!

It's only good for love of faith, but it's an occasion for the bad cheat honest people's hearts, too!

However, everything has its good and bad effect, so let profit the good and try to drop the bad! Happy Valentine's Day, anyway!

DeeDee said...

yah! i understand that too! but just use it wisely... so don let bad figure guides the way... we have consideration na!

Anonymous said...

I want to exchange some idea. It's good to find out you say that, consideration! By my observation, many youngsters experience the cheating.

So, all cambodians, please be careful to live in nowaday society! We are strong when we do not yet fall in an ambush or a trick (materialism, sweet console, threatening,...)

Essay about myself said...

Valentines is now again approaching , for sure you will be busy again.



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