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Traffic! Traffic accident! Ambulance! Traffic Police! Hospital! Over speeding! Crashing! Blood! What are these?

Recently, since the end of 2006, I find the traffic in Phnom Penh is becoming messier and messier! Everyday as I listen to the read-out-news from newspaper on radio, I always hear the news about traffic accidents! Whenever I am on the way to school with my 50cc-Super Cup, all my spirits gather up at my eyes, my head, my arms and hand, my leg and feet! My soul is round up with careful concentration. My velocity is 25m/hr constant as shown in the canter! I am really scared of fast speeding, being in de middle of the street, speedup while the traffic lights are yellow or just few seconds left of green. I often see the accidents cause by motorbike Vs motorbike, car Vs motorbike…. Etc. I hear the sound of ambulance; see liters of fresh red blood on the road, the shouting of each vehicle controllers… I am afraid of being on the way… if I have another choice, I’d choose to walk on the side walk! Being a passenger! I always wonder why the others meet such accident. Only if all vehicle controllers learnt and just respect the traffic law, there won’t be a mess in the traffic and traffic jam anymore! There won’t be accident! The passengers’ transportations will be safe! The city’s traffic will be peace!

Everybody knows these! But let me just write out about some possible cause of road accident because of not respecting the traffic laws.

- over speeding (Especially while the street is cramped)
- No full concentration and attention while controlling vehicle (Talking on the phone
- Drunk driver
- Do not having skill in controlling the vehicle, esp. too youngsters
- Win-win thought while driving or riding
- ………………………………………..


Anonymous said...

that is life of living in the corrupted country my dear sister...Vote for Hun Sen in 2008 and you will see more of these shit...

Anonymous said...

How could we completely clean up such traffic accidents...because traffic accident offers a variety style of job to cambodian people:offering a small cruel business to the police on the road, offering a kind of generous style of no-need-to-do-nothing business to the blood salers...etc
if the traffic accident is no longer exist, there will be a damage effect to the cambodia's economic by many cases...(ha) me kyouko.

DeeDee said...

>>1st anonymous: oh! well, the next time will be my turn to fulfill a citizen's responsibilty cuz i'll be 18 next April! haha

>>2nd anynonymous: well, that's also another idea, but r u happy to see those innocent people hurt badly by those who caused the accident???

Socheath said...

Saying is too easy! One main thing is to perfect the laws application. It's gonna be better, not only for traffic, but everything's improved. To resolve this, let's start from having all Yuon-mental leaders resigned. To do that is righteously vote. To reach that, all Cambodians have to learn well and understand the leader choice effect to country. Hard to do, togetherness is needed and WE WILL GET THERE!

Keo Kounila said...

Hello Kalyan,

I'm Somala. :)

This is a real concern for Cambodians. I agree the traffic rules must be strengthened and everybody should get to know those sooner or later. Even more, each has to respect and follow them.

I hope this doesn't have to do with the domestic politics yet. This has to do with the drivers, people who have responsibilities while driving on the roads. It isn't really easy. The infrastuctures, the roads, the buildings--most of them look like they are wrongly/defectively located in Phnom Penh.

I've noticed a few common but worrying problems. Drunk driving is a stupid act. If you drink, don't drive, and if you drive, dont' drink. It's as simple as that but people still persist in going to hell. Likewise, understanding the traffic rules and following them are needed. It's really silly that some big car owners violate the rules. And the traffic accidents or jams are also caused by some motobikes owners who ride here and there without giving signals. Oh, many problems, but they are all caused by the sides of drivers, the size of the roads, the application of the rules.

Suggestion: It'd be better if the number of the vehicles can be reduced. It's important because as we can see, the sizes of the roads aren't quite big enough for such a huge number of vehicles. So it's suggested the bus system should be created and provided available now. I've heard that someone who is interested in initiating the bus system was doing a survey about how many people are interested in going by bus. This is good information....We can't widen the roads anymore and the only thing we can do is to reduce the vehicle number because then a lot of people can go somewhere in a bus. And it will make the roads a lot better and easier to travel on.



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