Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Marvin, this is for U!


Hi Marvin! surprise! u like it? haha... i was about to design logo: Marvin, Stupid boy but i am afraid u gonna mad at me na! so better handsome boy rite? hehe.... ok tell me how do u think about this logo i've designed for u na!...


Didi (^;^) said...

Well-done DD! Pls keep on doing such a great thing na.....Tks!
But it would be very much better if u can remove that terrible DEMO on the background....hahahaa ;D

deedee said...

ok i'll keep doin it... ok my AAA Logo version is 1.20 so u can crack it for me then... ok?

Didi (^;^) said...

Well....pls try the one....but m not sure whether it'll work or not
Name: didi
Serial: 46bD-3agB-M2eE-hdmA

Pls inform me once u've tried na...ok?

deedee said...

thanks for helpin me na my good frn didi

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed with your site, very nice graphics!



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