Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas!!!!


Welcome back again you guys here! Sorry for my absent and left my blog dead without updating it. Actually, I have been crushed by cold weather.

As we all know, currently the temperature drops to the low level as affected by the effect of the storm from border country. I am not really sure. I was sick, seriously strucked, cuz I am allergic to coldness. My feet and hands went cold, almost freeze. I don’t dare to have a shower at all. Further, on Saturday evening, I knew clearly that I am in bad condition. My terrible headache rose up to my head again. Cold wind froze my សរសៃ!​ ងាកឆ្វេងក៏មិនបាន ងាកស្ដាំក៏មិនបាន! ឧ្យតែងាកដឹងតែឈឺ ចាប់ពីក្បាល ឡើងដល់ថ្ងាស ដូចគេយកញញួរមកដំពីលើ ប៉ូងៗ​អញ្ចឹង! So I took a capsule of TYLENOL and LYSOPEIN (It’s for sore throat). I took out the thermometer to measure my temperature, and guess what? My body temperature is 39.4 degree Celsius! My inner self was that hot that was why I felt very cold and shivered like a warm less bird in the rain. I didn’t have strength to do any thing. Also, I couldn’t barely even clench my fist tightly too! Then my mom កោសខ្យល់​​ for me. ឈឺខ្លួនណាស់​ យំផង​ ហៀរទឹកភ្នែក​ទឹកសំបោរផង​ ។ In this way, mom decided to come to share a room with me as to take care of me within night time. And you know what! Around 1AM my whole self went hotter and shivered wildly as it’s about time the affection of TYLENOL (5hours after taking that pill). Then I had another capsule of TYLENOL. I was still not yet well. I was shivering about 10 minutes, even mum tried to hug me to keep me calm. (មិន​ដែលជួបទេពីមុន!​ អាហ្នឹងហើយគេហៅថាគ្រុនញាក់គ្រុនញ័រ )​

I am not yet recovered now, but I just don’t wanna be free cuz the more we rest, the lazier we are! It’s true! So just do action. I hope I’ll be fine soon cuz from yesterday until now, I missed a Christmas party (Khmer girl’s party) and my classmate’s birthday party today. Poor me! Also tonight, I’ll try to take pill and eat a lot as to rebuild my strength to celebrate Christmas eve with my good friend!

Finally, I hope all my blog readers have a lovely and an unforgettable Christmas na! Cheers! Yeah!

រីករាយថ្ងៃបុណ្យណូអែល!​ សប្បាយគ្រប់គ្នាណា! សូមសុខភាពល្្អកុំឪ្យឈឺដូចខ្ញុំណា!!!!!
អាកាសធាតុប្រែប្រួល សូមថែរក្សាសុខភាពផងណា!!!!​


Wanna said...

Oh my dear! Bless you na! Merry Christmas!

traactivity said...

Dear My Little Kid! Whish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Cool..! that you can type Khmer Unicode.

amyourlove said...

Nak Gru,

It is me Tarzan! it is not so as cold as in here while the new year is coming very soon. you know that i have to wear leather gloves, long leather pull over, and scaff to warm my body up.

Outside is snowing every night.

Ok, wish you all the best and recover very soon.

Take care and Merry Chrismast and Happy New Year.

Big kiss from Santa Claus from Belgium to you.

hp said...

Merry Xmas!!!!

ThaRum said...

People in Indonesia ask me whether Cambodians celebrate Christmas. I told them that we do all: Khmer New Year, Chinese New Year, Christmas and so.

It's good to hear that it's getting cold in Cambodia. I love winter. Greetings from Singapore.

ppGeek said...

Ofcause Winter is cold. I love it too. Please takecare ur health.

Happy New Year!

Didi (^;^) said...

Oh....Poor girl !!! How cruel the weather is!! my suggestion, pls make sure that u r not infected from bird-flu, cos ya temp. is too high, be careful na.....cos it's a fatal disease!!! Well, Wish u a speedy recovery and soon be back on ya feet again as a tough khmer cyberkid !!! Happy New Year na..

DeeDee said...

a hear wanna: thanks! hapi new yr!

chantra: thanks.. yeah i tried it.. but now i forgot how to type "OR's leg"!!! :D

tarzan: thanks for droppin by... hapi new yr..

hp: Yeah! oh u can say Merry X'mas??? cool! now let's record to de history! de piggy is celebrating x'mas today!!! lolzzz...

tharum: yeah.. Happi new yr! enjoy ya days in Sg na!

ppgeek: yeah thanks for droppin by! hapi new yr!

didi: wow! didi! u r back to de blogosphere! welcome back titi!!! :D so hapi to c yer here!

gotoguy20 said...

Hi oun srey dee dee! Cute name by the way. =) I like what u are doing what u are representing, we certainly need more peeps like urself and all ur friends out there whom doing good things for sake of Khmer future. Stand up for ur country and do ur best and set good example wherever life takes ya.

All the best in 2007 and hopefully we can cross path one day in our beloved country together.

Tomie from Canada ;)

jobs in panchkula said...

Belated Merry Christmas guys

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