Friday, November 10, 2006

The Cleaning Activities of My Classmates and Me!!!


12L2 students of sisowath highschool are picking up the litter along the riverside!!!


M|O|N|G|K|O|L said...

Nice job, Didee. I am so proud of you guys for your concern on our city's beauty and cleanliness. Khmer youth rocks!

deedee said...

yeah! nice! thanks for droppin by Mongkol!

seserak said...

Great job, DeeDee. Love the pics you posted there.

What happened to the beautiful grass, btw? Look so grey. Too many people stepping on it?

poch said...

Hey! How are the grasses? Are they ok? Do they need medical treatment?

Great to see your actions with friends,


Kalyan said...

y didn't u tel me sis? hehehe.. m so proud of u, dear! Well Done!!! Anway, I miss u so much. hope to see u again soon at the next workshop na :D

dara said...

Well done Dee.

By using chopsticks, I wonder how much trash did you manage to pick up? hahaha
just kidding.

Anonymous said...

Hi DeeDee. You guys really are Cambodian children of tomorrow. Keep this up! Hope we will work together to catch up with our neighbors.

deedee said...

seserak: oh there were 3steps litter, became yellow and looks no life at all! millions of ppl stepped on it during the water festival...

poch: as i've tole seserak, so pity the grass nas na!

sist kaly: sis, i know u r busy.. ok de next workshop i cant join te, but c ya at siem reap na sist! hope v'l enjoy our days together then!

deedee said...

dara: uh-oh,,, u wana say that i couldnt pick up that lot?? i got half a big plastic pack na! haha... flexible hands and fingers i've got na! wanna compete? lolz...:D

Phy: yeah yeah! co-operate with each other to develop our beloved cambodia and our society norh! cheers! :P

Monkey ducky said...

you all seem to be very happy all the time huh? jealous dol heauy! not like me te!!
but u know i like being alone now!! hehehe

Matt Frame said...

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Matt Frame

MsNeesai said...

Maybe the school attendants can dispute some latex disposal gloves for students next time?

chea sophea said...

Look very happy to do this right? Good ideas that you choose this way. Have fun.!!!

Anonymous said...

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