Friday, November 10, 2006

Long Live Kingdom of Cambodia!



sony said...

Hehehe, im the one among them too...zzz!

snoopysayinghello said...

hey! you know dee dee M lazy to go. I didn't go te. Every year I go but this year I feel very very lazy. Ha haha you must be happy la~~~

see you! from Lyda.

poch said...


Did you see the king?

When I was younger, I really wanted to see the King. I don't know why?

Good luck,


Borort said...

Hello deedee, i just lose my way and get at your door... And it is very interesting here. You are a very good lady blogger.

weera said...

verygood activitie..^^
i love my country very very much..!
miss home lol^^ heeheee

Kalyan said...

Yeah Long Live Kingdom of Cambodia :D

dara said...

Long Live The Kingdom Of Cambodia!

Anonymous said...

dee dee i'm so glade to see your blog. I'm ur senior cause i also study at sisowat highschool too. I love it and really miss it . Once i saw u posted our high school pic it makes me feel homesick so much. Wana go back home so much :(
++ keep it up gal ... nice job

Vaream said...

Yes long live cambodia .I love cambodia as you love it too. Oh so happy to joint this ceremony at independant monument.
Hope our population developt our Cambodia !

deedee said...

>>sony: really? great then! where r u from? where did u stand?

>>lyda: oh dear! i've touched the king's hands nor!!! haha...i neva feel lazy to go cuz i fink it's my responsibilty!

>>Poch: yeah i did! cool! btw, now u mean that u don wanna c the king anymore?

>>borort: thanks for dropping by eh! haa thx but m not dat good lah! embarrass the other good bloggers nah! hehehe.. :D

>>weera: yeah! everyone cambodians love our beloved Cambodia norh! :)

>>sist Kaly: yeah! miss ya comment so much lah!

>>Dara: yeah! when wil u come back home n shout out this phrase? :?

>>anonymous: wow... u sound so pity norh! R u away from home? ok u'l be back na! tell me some of sisowath situations during ya generation, i wanna know if it's better or worse! :D

>>vaream: u joint too??? yeah thanks for droppin a comment here na! cheers!

dara said...

>>Dara: yeah! when wil u come back home n shout out this phrase? :?

I will return home at the end of next March. Hope to see you then :)

poch said...

That's just when I was a kid.

But now, yeah it's simple to see or not it's just simple, nothing special.

Things change, aren't they?


hcgmaria said...

hi deedee LONG LIVE CAMBODIA! yea! hey dear you know at that day i have a meeting with my IFL friends discuss about our presentation!yo gal it very hard here i have to do pile of homework and lot of presentation!oy ! at Rule one more ohhhhhhhhh help m gonna die soon and now i start ma France class at RULE tet so i cant go home te !so hard ! oh how is your? i know you gonna do great right?
pye c ya good luck!
maria miss you so much

Anonymous said...

Look lots of fun there. Anyways, I find your new pics clear and cool - maybe you have a new camera ;-p

Anonymous said...

I didnt find thing that i need... :-(

sophonrith said...

Hi, Dee dee, How are you? did you see the king?

Pooh said...

I also used to go, but everytime i go there, u can always find me sitting in my friend's house, drink coke (my friend's house right next to there), good idea, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Well i have question how long is Cambodian school?

Anonymous said...

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