Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Road!


Newly built-road from the centre of Takeo Province to Vietnamese border


Anonymous said...

Wow, a very nice road to vietnam border, so it would make it easier for more vietnameses to come into Cambodia.

Wanna said...

Hehe... you're funny, anonymous :)
It's something right, though :(

Anonymous said...


WHy only Vietnameses come, what about us? Could we go?


Suy Prasoeur said...

Yeah, everyone is right ... anyway, it'll be easier for the plane either as the road is not rough !!! lolz

Borin Ly said...

Hey, nice blog here, i must appreciate that you have spend time to update your blog. I have my own blog too :)

Anonymous said...

i really like your last post, coz it was posted on my birthday:p
anyway, thanks for info^^

Anonymous said...

hi, it's nice road for a few months only. then it'll jamping road again as now, someplace is damaged, right?

Thus, it's built by VN company, never long living...

DeeDee said...

wow!... many anonymouses! hehehe! but yeah! thanks for droppin' by lah! well, yeah, it's better for the journey cuz it's not rough and jampin'again, right?

u r all right! but wateva! we cant do anythin', right? so just let it go! just wait and c!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean that we can not do anything and let it go? We are the future cambodians. If we don't care, who will?

Anonymous said...

If you don't care, I care, you should say na, Anonymous 1.

Good thought from Anonymous2!

DeeDee said...

oh we all care! but wat is the act of our care? go out and shout in de public place dat damn vietnameses! go back to ya home country now! is dat it?

Anonymous said...

NOT that crazy reaction at all!!!

Be calm and don't show any anger or violence><

Just know that you have to try to be the useful person and don't try to forget, just keep in mind about that. When U can be the one who could change, about this ussue, that's your turn!

Any way, everyone can live together with peace, but make sure that those VN giving peace for us too.

Good care! From Anonymous2.



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