Saturday, April 21, 2007

Save the Children!


I've been suggested to post this image in my blog post by my cousin. As listening to the news every morning, the raping crime is often heard alomost everyday. The victims are getting youngers and youngers and closer to the guilty ones. I don't know when will this dull crime be able to stop at all. :(


Poch said...

Hi DD,

If you want to stop this, you should find out why it happens. Otherwise, you can not stop it at all.

To my idea, the only way is making man become man by providing them knowlegde and know what is morality, dignity!?

There should be more to be done to deal with this issue.

DeeDee said...

Oh poch! u hav shared such good ideas! if ppl think think like ur thought, it'd be so good. but how can i do? yeah, just a very small percentage that each of us can help. so yeah, just help sth that is possible for us to do then.

Thanks for sharing such considerable advice na poch! :)



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