Saturday, May 05, 2007

National ploughing Day


In Khmer tradition, national ploughing day is a yearly ceremony usually held at the beginning day of rainy season. The aims of this celebration is meant to call the start of ploughing season. Moreover, it is also meant to pray for the god to blow down enough rain for farmers to use for the rice and crop growth.
This year, the belief of the royal cows on food eating is a desperate one. There are 7 kinds of grains and fluid such as rice, corn, sesame, bean, water, grass and wine. If the two cows eat one food, it is believed that the production of that food is good according to the amount the cow has eaten. Unluckily, this year only 1 cow ate only 45% of corn, nothing more has been eating or drunk. :( It is believed that this is the start of the unfortunate season of the year! Everyone's face is shown up the look of sorrow, not the smile like every passed year, even the king's face.


whichet said...

well, it's a nice report :)
i didnt watch tv at the time, anyway, just got some idea about the result of the day :D

DeeDee said...

oh nice! SOME IDEA? wanna share? :)

chacha said...

This is very fascinating because it seems that the cows sort of realized the advent of the economic crisis. I am really wondering about the truth of animals sensing such matters. When the tsunami hit the Andaman Islands, the only people there who were saved were the animals, birds and a particular tribe who live in close touch with nature. Economic crisis I know is a little farfetched but think about it, it really wasn’t a great year.



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