Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Nice views!


I think I reached the end of the world! The border of the sky and earth la!
Here are the shells and oysters i've found at the beach!


Pooh said...

nice shot!!! Holla! Long time no see!!! (do u still remeber me anyway?) watz up???

kimann said...

sister u are good at finding so you should be sciencetist

DeeDee said...

>>Pooh: oh hi! yeah m kinda busy. but btw, will u join the clogger summit?

DeeDee said...

>>ann: hey...u dare come to de net shop??? u looks just like Pav Chen now! anyway, come n get de pic of the shells u've collected from me to post in ya blog tov!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice too see such wonderful snapshots. I'm longing for seeing them by my own eyes, really.


DeeDee said...

>>anonymous: well anonymous! i really wanna read ya comment but the pc at the netshop cant show ya text at all! how come! is it unicode?

>>Jupi: yeah! go n refresh ya brain there tov!

Pooh said...

what??? clogger summit??? I don't think i can go!!! Ma school is already start and ma schedule is messing up!!! Have to do a lot of things to get used to it!! where is it held anyway?



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