Monday, October 09, 2006

The Latest workshop at UTM


The Latest workshop has been held at University of Techology and Management on Saturday 30th of September.

I dare say that this one was the best one we've ever done. The process went smoothly even there was a rain fall for some mintues before the workshop begins. In addition, we're honored because there were the present of many Cambodian bloggers. For example, Our first Khmer blogger,
Tharum, John (known as Jinja), and some more...

After the workshop in the hall room, we go down to the UTM Computer Lab to do the practice. It can be seen that all the students there pay great attention to the workshop lessons. A big percentage of the students succeeded in creating their own blog in This time, there had been the help because we all co operate well in the lab. Lux, Chantra, Virak, Kalyan (big), Kalyan (small) aka DeeDee, Tharum, Jinja, Chantra's friend, who all helped in the lab. Not only this reasons that the workshop went as expected, it is also because of all the attentive participants.

We all had done a welldone job this time. Seem like the next workshop is coming soon, maybe it will take place at BBU (Build Bright University) on Friday this week, or might be on Monday the following week.


poch said...


I hope one day all Cambodian Students will be able to show their opinions or ideas online by using blog.

Good luck, DeeDeeDoll,


Anonymous said...

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