Friday, October 27, 2006

Pine Trees Have Been Chopped Down


This picture of pine trees is in the site of Preah Sisowath Highschool
I wonder why the school principle get it cut down like this???
Can anyone tell me how deep the meaning of Pine trees to students' Learning???
(I am waiting to see your ideas on my question in the comment tag...)


vireak said...

That's sad, very sad. I believe there's no reason can justify cutting down these trees especially when they give shades and the students feel deeply associated with.

:) said...

Dun b so sad little cutie dee dee, there should b some reasons ur school priciple gets it cut down.normally the tree needs to b cut some of its branches sometime so that it can grow better. as long as its roots r still there sooner or later it will be back as it used to be.cheer up!!

poch said...

Yeah I think the same to :) said,

The tree will come back whenever its root is there. You know the school must have the responsibility to keep student safe, so they cut the tree to make sure that the tree is safe for you. Don't worry they will be back and you will see them good soon.

Great! That you are worried about this. Good luck,


Hollyplanet said...

You know the meaning of pine trees? it is the durable trees never shed their leaves. There is a song for it during winner time when all other trees have only empty branches, some trees break their trunk also coz of heavy ice. But the trees in your school is Sngav tree(Casuarina equisetifolia L). When it is becoming old, it is easily to break down when there is strong wind or raining.
"Nothing can stay forever" However, these trees will sprout again, it will shade u again.

weera said...

i'm not have idea deedeee.., i think they are have more reason to do that...but i'm want to ask you u like the tree or not ??
why u like that ??

(for me, i like the tree very mush)


weera said...
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MaryaSamrith said...

Hey this webpage is cool but you need to add more photos. You really love your school, don't you? Espcially the tree.....

dara said...

Hi dee,
I think there is a reason behind this.

I agree with above posters.
I think this trees may harm students and the school buildings. That's why they get it cut.

There is only one solution to find the real answer. Ask your school director!!!

deedee said...

>>vireak: long time no see, welcome back! yeah cool idea!

>>:)= yeah i asked my director (he's also my math teacher)n he reply that we want new branches...

>>Poch: yeah go0d idea poch! anyway, how's 5steps2ielts forum? long time being away from the members cuz busy!

>>hollyplanet: yeah u r about to get the answers rite, but just lack some part of comparision it to students lives!

>>weera: yeah i love my school and the trees and flowers there too! that's why i am busy with it!

>>marysamrith: more photos??? i think it has lots of pictures already! sometimes other visitors say that my blog is somekinda of useless with lots photos...
yeah i love my school and want it to be nature and clean~

>>dara: good idea lah!... anyway, how r u doin there? long time no see lah!

poch said...

5steps is ok,

Me too, I have even more stuff about my studies. I don't have much time to participate in the forum.

Take care,


dara said...

hi dee,

Long time no see. I am doing fine but very busy with my research.

Hope to read your next post :)

Pooh said...

hi, my name is pooh. U've introduce to me by my cousin, lyda. Nice to see ur blog... Anyway, are u studying at Sisovatt? So many trees, can i get some leaves? cuz now i'm doing leave collection and most of my leaves are destroy... Run out of leaves now!

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