Monday, October 09, 2006

Medicines I have to take...


These are all kinda medicine i've been using for awhile after my sickness of terrible headache. Now i got better that's why i have time to post sth new in my blog. sorry for the absent. But now I am back! welcome back! (all these are used to strengthen and protect my hard-working brain)
This is Vitamin A. Just got the presciption from clinic. My eyes are so poor and weak, so the doctor advised me to have this.


Poch said...

Hey, Kids! Please take care of yourself. Good luck,


deedee said...

thanks poch!

mungkol said...

Take care! Wish you recover soon!

All my best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear! That caused a strange absent. Hope you'd recover soon na!

Michelle_Woods said...

Hi Dee Dee,

That the reason why your blog was isolated for a while.

So, take a good care of yourself, and try to get a good grade in our highschool final exam.

Lots of love,

deedee said...

>>mungkol: thanks... now i am well recovered hery...

>>a hear wanna: yeah.. thanks so much a hear..

>>pisey: congratulation to u n lyda na.. sorry i was sick i didn join dat competition.. but at lest u 2 hav made it! yeah cheers.. c ya on graduation day na..

chea sophea said...

Haha...i know you what all those medicines for. Doctor gave you a bottle of Tylenol coz you got high temperature, Glutamate coz you got head ache, Vitamin A it's just a kind of medicine to against all the of medicines you had above.

Anonymous said...

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