Friday, July 14, 2006

Da Vinci Code!!!


The Da Vinci Code!!! I don't really know alot about dat! Nope! not even abit about dat book! i just hav known de fame of Mr. Da Vinci! well... now i hav to print out all de page i've download from Rithy's link to read... I think i'll get some more ideas about that Da Vinci Code as to mix it up when i am readin' it.

I've heard from Arirang Tv(de korean TV channel) that some Korean Primary students like reading dat book nas! so wait for wat? i am curious to know how attractive it is too!

P.S: don forget to leave some tips for me if u hav any ideas related to de storyline.. ok? Thanks before hand! :)


keu daravuth said...

I also wanna c it too.but here i don't even know where to buy that book..anyway i also go to the cd shop for it but got nothin' ..No released yet...

Anonymous said...

Already watched it last month with a friend :-D who downloaded it from the net. I found it complicated to understand since it was so related to Christianity. My friend told me I should have read the book first so that I could have understood well ;-) Deedee U'r doing the right thing now hehe... Have a good time with the book nah...

Don said...

The book and the movie seemed like it was two different story. They had to change the main character around a bit due to the controversy around the book. I would recommend reading the book and don't even bother watching the movie.

ThaRum said...

I would recommend you to read the book before watching the movie. You will love it, a new taste beyond Harry Potter (I guess).

piseth said...

That was the story about Christianity as anonymous said.In japan,it was said that Mr. Da Vinci hid the secret of Christ in the picture he drew. The secret is that Christ might have been loving with Maria and had a doughter.
That's why there ware strike in to protest for banning of releasing the movie few months ago.
Well, pls read it first to confirm it by yourself.

deedee said...

Daravuth: well dunno where to get dat Book at all cuz here not many people enjoy reading Da Vinci Code te! so well just print in first den make it into a book to read!

anonymous, Don N' Tharum: well.. so i need to read de book first but i don think i am interested in watching it..
thanks for advice

oh Piseth u kno lots abt dat! thanks for it na!

Anonymous said...

What is the Da Vinci Code?
Is a murder mystery suspense Novel
taking place in Paris, and London.
- The story is built around
"Facts" that reveal the hidden identity
of Jesus.
These "Facts" reveal:
- That Jesus was married to
Mary Magdalene and had a child who
escaped to France.
- Mary Magdalene was to head
the church, but Peter and the other disciples took over.
- Jesus was turned into “God” in order to protect the Patriarchal system
- The Catholic Church along with the rest of Christianity has worked
together to maintain this 2000 year Cover up.
- The secret of Jesus' "True Identity" is maintained by a group known
as the "Priory of Sion" that has existed since 1099.
- Documents found in Paris in 1975 confirm its existence.
- Sir Isaac Newton and Leonardo Da Vinci were Grand Masters in
this organization. Quoted from Phil Karayan by Rithy.

deedee said...

oh wat a brief tips! thanks a trillion rithy! now i am getting closer to understand some storyline in advance!

Anonymous said...

Welcome trillion one for Dee Dee Nah, Rithy

weera said...

look it interested deedee

pr said...

hi DeeDee,
Here you are. Check it out. your interview is up.


deedee said...

Weera: wow! the wonderful angkor thumbnail i've posted in my blog becomes ya display image! cool inn'it?

pr: oh great! i'll check it out!

Anonymous said...

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